About TKI Urban Energy

TKI Urban Energy is a Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation under the banner of Top Sector Energy. The Foundation is a network of businesses and knowledge institutions, with an executive committee and a programme office. The programme office coordinates the programme design, focuses on the use of innovation grants for public/private research, and supervises consortia in the setting up and implementation of innovation projects.

The main activities are:

  • Drawing up innovation programmes with relevant topics.
  • Supervising consortia in innovation projects, from idea to implementation.
  • Sharing knowledge and innovative developments at home and abroad.

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TKI Urban Energy organization

TKI Urban Energy has a dedicated programme office with a wide range of tasks. It employs a managing director, one program director, three program managers, five innovation analysts, two communications employees, a management assistent, and a financial administrator. The day-to-day management team also carries out a number of operational tasks.

There are independent advisory boards, a Supervisory Board, an executive committee, and a programme office active within the TKI Urban Energy organization.

The TKI Urban Energy Foundation executive committee consists of:

  • Teun Bokhoven (chairman)
  • Nancy Kabalt-Groot
  • Frits Verheij


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