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  • The WindDays will take place again next week. This event is organised by NWEA and the TKI Wind op Zee and we have organised several interesting conference sessions for you. Of course, we hope to see you there. Here you find a short introduction of the TKI Wind op Zee Sessions.
  • Pioneering SME: TWD
  • Pioneering SME: Qlayers
  • Van Oord, TNO, and Adbm Technologies have developed 'underwater blinds' with support of the TKI Wind op Zee to reduce noise when installing wind turbines.
  • Dear all, According to the Global Wind Energy Council, in 2018, 51,3 GW new wind capacity has been installed worldwide. It was also a record year for the TKI Wind op Zee innovation program with over 70 million euro investments in R&D; a lot of new developments and innovations. A good example is the demonstration project of the GE Halliade X 12MW in Rotterdam.
  • The offshore wind industry faces a unique challenge; to construct one of the largest infrastructural developments in Dutch history. To give this development an extra push we have to make offshore wind even more affordable, reliable and sustainable, by accelerating technical innovation and implementing it into the offshore market.
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  • Join the Joint Industry Project: Managing unwanted bio-fouling on marine infrastructure  
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  • Are you involved in research and development with the aim to reduce the long-term cost price of offshore wind energy? Entrepreneurs, scientists and knowledge institutions are invited to apply for a Wind on Sea R&D grant. This scheme supports projects without demonstration possibilities.  
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  • The construction and operation of a second offshore wind farm without subsidy in the Netherlands has attracted interest. The tender period for offshore wind energy permit applications for Sites III and IV in the Hollandse Kust (zuid) Wind Farm Zone (HKZWFZ) is now closed.
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