T2013-07-CCUS CCS position paper CATO2


CCS is recognized as a key technology to combat climate change and is referred to in the Energy Agreement of 2013, endorsed by over 40 parties including the Dutch government. At this moment, however, CCS development, demonstration and deployment stagnate in the Netherlands. The CCS concept needs to be demonstrated before extensive development and deployment of CCS. Progress with demonstration has been slower than anticipated. In particular, the large CCS demonstration project ROAD in Rotterdam is seeing incremental finance needs.

Lack of financial incentives is not the only delaying factor, but there are additional reasons that hamper the progress of CCS, such as regulatory impediments, inefficient permitting procedures, and insufficient wise communication with the public on the role of CCS. There is need for a clear, agreed and fully supported CCS development path, including common vision and actions on short-term business cases, e.g. focussed on EOR.

The objective for this project is therefore to lay down a clear plan with a timeline, an action list and a role/responsibility list in a ‘national CCS position paper’.