T2013-04-UG tectonic models 1.1 University cluster


This project aims to build unifying scenarios for temperature (basin heat flow), burial, exhumation and stress-deformation history of gas shale formations in the Netherlands, which can be used for basin modeling, for in-situ stress modeling and for the pre-drill assessment of geomechanical properties and fractures.

As input public datasets from the mapping of the subsurface of the Netherlands by TNO will be used. Deliverables of the project will be :

  • 4D geomodel, constrained VR and AFT and temperature data. Scenarios for  regional heat flow and lithosphere deformation reponsible for observed vertical motions
  • Rheological reconstruction and scenarios for (paleo)stress
  • Analogue (sandbox) deformation models of past stress field and deformation at selected time intervals (including present day)
  • Analysis of the effect of reconstructed temperature/stress/deformation time-paths on regional interpretation of mechanical properties and natural fractures, for various shale formations, and its effect on productivity (in close co-operation with other projects in the WP

In feedback with operators, one or more case studies will be analysed in detail to validate the basin to field scale approach.

The project will be executed in 4 years, of which the first year serves as pilot year. In the already funded pilot year (2013) the focus has been on the 4D geomodel and a forward look on implications of regional partitioning in crustal rheology on stress and deformation.