T2013-01-UG FOCUS


This project aims to update and increase our knowledge on the distribution and stratigraphic architecture of hydrocarbon reservoirs in the Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous successions of the Dutch sector in the Central Graben area. Exploration efforts aiming at this stratigraphic interval are often hampered by the erratic and unpredictable distribution of reservoir sands. In addition, production estimates still suffer from significant uncertainties, in the absence of well-constrained stratigraphic models of these active fields.

The integration of sedimentary facies analysis and detailed biostratigraphic and stable isotope analyses, in combination with a fit-for- purpose outcrop-analogue study, is envisaged to increase the understanding of these complex depositional systems. Important deliverables of the study will consist of a series of conceptually updated and stratigraphically realistic models of facies distributions and stratigraphic trends in the interval of interest.