Kennis voor integrale besluitvorming

  • 2021 Afspraken maken: Van data tot informatie. Informatiebehoeften, datastandaarden en protocollen voor provinciale systeemstudies: Deel I – rapportage voor beleidsmaker (pdf) - Het rapport illustreert hoe modelstudies beter invulling kunnen geven aan informatie-behoeften van stakeholders in de energietransitie. Het toont de potentie van een systematische analyse van de informatieketen en van standaardisatie van de informatie-uitwisseling in die keten. Provinciale energiesysteemstudies worden gebruikt als praktijkvoorbeelden.
    Partners: CE Delft, Quintel, Intelligence, TNO
  • 2020 Guide for Good Modelling Practice in policy support - The document summarizes the state of the art in Good Modelling Practice to the best of the knowledge of the authors. It translates these practices into specific questions the decision maker and modeller can ask each other in order to communicate needs and required information. These questions are meant to structure the conversation between the parties throughout the modelling project life cycle, align and clarify expectations and increase the overall quality and usefulness of the modelling effort. The policy maker can use this document to structure the content part of a tender, and the modeller to structure the model documentation and reporting.
    Partners: TU Delft
  • 2019 Whitepaper Principles, challenges and guidelines for a multi-model ecology - The whitepaper provides a vision for starting the process of growing a multi-model ecology and te required interface. A high level overview of the principles behind a multi-modelling approach is given as well as an outline the major methodological challenges involved in multi-modelling. The paper closes with a discussion on the social, organizational and institutional aspects of MME operation and evolution.
    Partners: TU Delft