Uitnodiging voor CCUS Stakeholder workshop op 19 en 20 juni 2019 in Trondheim (Noorwegen) – Expression of interest voor deelname (deadline 22 april 2019)

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TKI Nieuw Gas
CCUS Stakeholder workshop op 19 en 20 juni 2019

While the Houston workshop focused on early stage research in CO2 capture, utilization and storage, this workshop will focus on strengthening collaboration between industry sectors and research institutions, and public and private sector, by identifying RD&I gaps of common interest in technologies at higher TRL. The intention is to focus on potentials and possibilities, that could yield results and full-scale implementation in the short to medium-term perspective.

The workshop objective is to contribute in transferring early (low TRL) research activities to development and innovation activities (higher TRL) by developing guidance and development paths for emerging CCUS technologies, and suggestions for new and joint development activities, with the aim of accelerating the commercialization and implementation process.


You can register your interest in participating at the Workshop here (also found in the attached invitation):



Please, note that this is a registration of interest in participating. Since a good balance of participants (between countries, sectors, private/public, genders, etc.) is desired, and the maximum number of participants is limited (200), the organizers will need to perform a pre-screening of registrants. The deadline for registration of interest is April 22, 2019 and confirmation of participation will be sent no later than April 30.