Top European Specialists on Renewable Gases join Forces in R2Gas

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TKI Nieuw Gas

In July 2019 the CEOs of some of the top specialized SMEs on renewable gases in Europe decided to join forces in a new association called R2Gas (Research Centre for Renewable Gases) to further develop the production technology of renewable and sustainable gases as one of the energetic pillars of future energy production. R2Gas is based in Vienna expressing that in and around the city high standard gas technologies have been developed thanks to the yearlong initiatives that have been taken by the universities TU Wien (University of Technology) and BOKU, Wien (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences). However, also the vicinity of the eastern European countries with the highest biomass potential influenced the choice for Vienna.

The association’s focus is on bioenergy production through anaerobic digestion and gasification but includes also power to gas and liquid fuels (P2X) as well as upgrading and efficient utilisation of the gaseous energy carriers.The members of the association have huge individual backgrounds on these technologies lasting as long as 45 years as well in applied research, development of systems and basic engineering of largescale production units.

They have been occasionally working together in different European projects when they decided to bring another push to the development of gaseous energy carriers by joining forces in a new association. Founding members come from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands and Switzerland. “This is the best team of CEOs of SME possible in the field of renewable gases” said the new elected president Arthur Wellinger after a short inauguration ceremony. And the vice-president Jan Stambasky followed him underlining “the strong entrepreneurship spirit in the group which is needed to promote these promising technologies”.

Ongoing activities of the members include research and development projects on gasification, combined anaerobic digestion and power to gas, microbial hydrogen production as well as strategic developments in gas upgrading, transport and storage or creation of guarantees of origin. The work also includes general questions of sustainability such as carbon sequestration and carbon recycling. It is the intention of the founders to tackle at the same time technical hurdles and political challenges.