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Dear all,

I hope you have all enjoyed a good holiday break.

Before we dive into the news items, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Ernst van Zuijlen for not only his role as director TKI Wind op Zee but also his contribution to the initiation of the FLOW R&D program and the TKI Wind op Zee. He now continues to contribute to our sustainable energy supply as director of the recently started GROW offshore wind RD&D consortium – the largest offshore wind program to date. Ernst, thanks for your great job leading the way in offshore wind innovation.

With this I would also like to congratulate the winners in our 2017 tenders for Wind op Zee R&D Project subsidies. We can add 9 new projects to the portfolio who have received in total € 3.8 million Euro! The successful bidders are:

•    Large Offshore Wind Harmonics Mitigation (ECN)
•    MICrisk (Microbial Analysis B.V.)
•    Integral Design of Light Weight Tower (Jules Dock)
•    Cable JIP (MARIN)
•    Vortex wake models in wind turbine design (ECN)
•    Wind Turbine Brain (ECN)
•    Offshore Maintenance JIP II (MARIN)
•    MCPG (TWD)
•    3D Motion Compensation for Installation and Maintenance of large offshore wind turbine generators (ECN)

The total portfolio of the TKI Wind op Zee consists of 59 projects now and has a total budget of approximately 70 million Euro.

If you are interested in joining this list of innovation projects, there are still opportunities for this year. Check this out on our website.

For the coming year we are planning the R&D program with the help of our participants and various stakeholders. Are you participant (“Deelnemer”) of the TKI Wind op Zee and have not had the opportunity to give your feedback, please contact us. If you want to know more about becoming a participant of the TKI Wind op Zee, please look for more information (in Dutch) on our website.

The coming months will show a lot of developments in the offshore wind business including the publication of the tender for the Innovation Site Borssele V. You can read more about this subject in this newsletter.

Best regards,

Bob Meijer


Furthermore I would like to inform you on:

  • Innovation Site Borssele V
  • First results of Project EUROS
  • Double Slip Joint step closer to market introduction
  • International ambitions?
  • Innovation Broker subsidy scheme is open
  • Horizon 2020 Calls 2017
  • Pioneering SME: Fibersail


Innovation Site Borssele V

The final tender information is expected to be published by the end of September. The deadline for the tender of the Innovation Site Borssele V will be in January 2018.

Are you looking for partners to prepare a bid for the innovation Site Borssele V? The TKI Wind op Zee has a wide network and is willing to introduce you to the right partners. Please send  us an email.

More information in Dutch about the modified Site Decision can be found here.
All official information regarding the innovation site tender can be found here.



First results of Project EUROS

A public seminar at the Offshore Energy Event 2017 in Amsterdam on Wednesday 11 October 2017.

The researchers and industry partners of the five-year Dutch EUROS Programme will present the interim results after two years of research. EUROS and the seminar are all about dealing with uncertainties in practice, and aims for a paradigm shift to a probabilistic approach in design, to eliminate over-conservative safety factors, and in planning and costing of installation and maintenance logistics, to improving efficiency.

Topics are:
- variability and uncertainties in wind, waves and weather,
- novel techniques for uncertainty quantification,
- monitoring and modelling of loads and damage, and
- optimization of offshore wind systems.

The talks will be aimed at a broad audience and there will be excellent networking opportunities. To learn more about the technology of tomorrow and meet key researchers in the field of offshore wind energy, this seminar is the place to be!

Do you want to hear the first results go to the session Transformation through collaboration during the Offshore Energy 17 conference. Admission is free, but registration is required. Surf for more information.

Find out more about the project.

Double slip joint step closer to market introduction

The Double Slip Joint is being developed by KCI to replace grouted or bolted connections between the transition piece and monopile of wind turbine foundations. Together with partners Van Oord and SIF, a joint project has been set up with support from TKI Wind op Zee.

An exciting new step has been taken in designing and building the set-up at scale 1:5 at WMC. This was a serious increase in scale compared to the "mini-tests" performed in the past by 3 TU-Delft graduates using Perspex prototypes.

Jan Willem van Bloois of KCI: “The Double Slip Joint will be a game changer in offshore wind. In comparison with previous connection-methods of transition pieces to monopiles, the most important advantages of the Double Slip Joint are mainly the reduced installation-time and a significant better quality of the connection. Based on the need for cost reductions for offshore wind farms, the Double Slip Joint will play an important role in the coming years”

Read the full article on the double slip joint.


Innovation broker subsidy scheme is open

Once again the “Innovatiemakelaarsregeling” is open. This subsidy scheme is specially designed to help start up’s and SME’s.

With this subsidy scheme 50% of the out of pocket cost of an ‘Innovation Broker’ can be compensated, up to a maximum of 10.000 euros.

An 'innovation broker' can guide you as a small business entrepreneur at:
• making your product marketable,
• determining the value proposition and the earnings model,
• making the business case and financing proposals for market introduction,
• finding the right cooperation partners
• establishing consortia and partnerships with other companies and/ or knowledge institutions.

The application for the financial contribution can take place until the first of August 2018. The work should be completed before August 21st 2018. The administrative application is via the Topsector Energie. The TKI Wind op Zee takes care of the substantive assessment. If you want to use this option, it is advisable to contact TKI Wind op zee first: Please contact Martin Weissmann.

Read more about this subsidy scheme (in Dutch).


Horizon 2020 calls 2017

Horizon 2020 is the European Commission's program to support research and innovation (financially). It gives an overview of the many possibilities within the various Horizon objectives.

In the first place the European Commission wants to strengthen the innovative capacity by supporting excellent scientific research at world level. Secondly, the European Commission wants to strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of European industry through stimulation of industrial innovation. And thirdly, Horizon 2020 challenges the scientists and the industry to develop solutions for major European societies. Consider themes such as ageing population, sustainable food supply, environment, energy and safety.

Horizon 2020 offers opportunities for all companies and research institutes to get innovation projects subsidized.

Find out more about the calls in September in de Wegwijzer Horizon 2020 (in Dutch).


Pioneering SME: Fibersail

Correct bending of wind turbines blades is crucial. The slightest deviation of the ideal shape, reduces performance and increases the risk of failure. Fibersail has developed a smart monitoring system that measures the bending accuracy and the structural behaviour of rotor blades. This information can improve performance by more than 2 percent, increasing global revenues up to 3 billion euros a year, CEO Pedro Pinto says.

For which problem did you find a solution?

“Like the sails of a ship, the bending of the blades of a wind turbine is very critical for their performance. When blades are not in the right balance, the blades underperform and, by consequence, the turbine generates less electricity.  Nowadays, operators lack information about blade’s behavior. Existing condition monitoring systems are inaccurate or expensive. Not knowing how the blades behave real-time, the wind industry spills hundreds of million euros.”

Read the complete interview with Pedro Pinto here.


For your information

  • Offshore Wind Innovators: On the 14th of June TKI Wind op Zee, NWEA and InnovatieLink have launched the community for Offshore Wind Innovators. The community is intended to help mainly SME companies accelerating innovations to the offshore wind market. If you are looking for funding, increasing your market visibility or searching for a launching customer for your innovation? Please check the Offshore Wind Innovators website: and the launch video or contact Martin Weissmann.
  • On September 5th, the "Offshore Wind Test- & Demonstratie site" meeting was organised by InnovationQuarter, Gemeente Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam, Maritime Delta and TKI Wind op Zee. You can get a impression of the meeting here



  • 2nd International Summit on Wind Farms Life Extension: 19 - 20 September, Madrid, Spain. Find out more
  • Workshop on human capital in offshore: from oil & gas to offshore wind: 2 November 2017: For information contact John Baken
  • Winddays 2018: 13 – 14 June 2018, The Netherlands. Read more

Take a look at more wind energy events here.