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Dear all,

“Recovering” from a short holiday and from the next major step in offshore wind price developments: a windfarm tender without a public financial contribution from the government for Hollandse Kust Zuid, I also have some more news to share with you.

I would like to announce that Bob Meijer has been appointed as new director of the TKI Wind op Zee by the board as from 1st of July. The timing is interesting, the TKI Wind op Zee will continue on its path of cost reduction, it’s focus will shift more and more to the creation of value. The program has introduced a new line last year (wind and its environment), system integration receives more attention, the cooperation with the gas sector (Gas meets Wind) creates new opportunities, the North Sea Energy Lab will present its first results about possibilities for joint development of Energy, Food and Nature at the North Sea this autumn. All this reflects that the role of offshore wind changes from a niche player to being a central player in the energy transition.

Also, the sector organises itself: the launch of the Wind Innovators Community (a platform for small innovative supply chain parties) and the setup of the CAREER foundation, combined with a Centre of Expertise and a platform for professors for Higher Vocational Education (HBO) and new activities to attract also the wind turbine manufacturing supply chain to the Netherlands (Winnovate-NL). All initiatives illustrate that offshore wind has become a serious business; it is for real now!

Last but not least; the first projects of GROW are starting, to follow up the successes of FLOW. My focus will be on GROW from now on. Through GROW I will remain involved in the TKI Wind op Zee and we (Bob and I and our shared team) will continue to work closely together. The goals of GROW and the TKI Wind op Zee overlap, but our approach will be different. GROW allows a programmatic approach with leading companies and institutes working together in long term program lines. The Topsector Energy and the Ministry of Economic Affairs see GROW is an example and pilot for a Mission Driven Innovation approach.

I wish Bob all the best!
Best regards,
Ernst van Zuijlen



Furthermore I would like to inform you on:

  • Innovation Site Borssele V
  • Renewable energy regulation
  • Wind Farm Zone Hollandse Kust (zuid)
  • Job engine innovative top sectors requires learning communities
  • DEI-regulation for demonstration of energy innovations
  • TTS and Ulstein secure first CoLiBri Crane order
  • Pioneering SME: TWD


Innovation site Borssele V

Earlier, in January this year, the draft Ministerial Order for Innovative Offshore Wind Energy was published for consultation. Following this process an amendment to the Site Decision for Borssele site V has been released. We would like to point out some important changes:

  • it is now possible to use one or two wind turbine positions (previously two positions had to be used);
  • there is no limit anymore to the maximum power per wind turbine. However, the entire site cannot produce more than 20MW and limitations to the rotor area and tip height apply.

In January 2018, the tender for the Innovation Site Borssele V will be held.

We believe this offers more opportunities for innovative wind turbines with greater capabilities, as well as allowing smaller projects with a single wind turbine position to reduce overall investments. More information in Dutch about the modified Site Decision can be found here.

The final tender information is expected to be published by the end of September. All official information regarding the innovation site tender can be found here.


The renewable energy regulation

The renewable energy regulation (Hernieuwbare energieregeling) has a total budget available of € 50 million of which more than € 30 million is still available (1 July  2017). The first come, first serve principle applies for this subsidy scheme. This call is targeted at higher TRL innovation projects in various renewable energy technologies, including offshore wind, resulting in cost reduction. These cost reduction must have their effect latest in 2030.

Find out more in Dutch


Wind farm zone hollandse kust (zuid)

Subsidy-free tender for Dutch offshore wind farm

The tender for Sites I and II of the Hollandse Kust (zuid) wind farm is scheduled to open this autumn, initially with a procedure without subsidies. Outgoing Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp has announced this in a letter to the House of Representatives on June 28, 2017.

In this tender, market parties may submit a bid for the realisation of the wind farm without subsidies. In the event this tender procedure fails to yield an acceptable bid, a tender procedure that includes subsidies will be started.

Find out more


Job Engine Innovative Top Sectors requires learning communities

Technological acceleration and disruption change the labor market radically. The Top Sectors point out that Public-Private Partnerships (PPS) should develop into learning communities that combine learning, working and innovating. This is needed to meet social challenges and to reconcile economic opportunities and will help enthusiastic people to develop their knowledge, skills and talent.

Read more in Dutch


DEI-regulation for demonstration of energy innovations

On July 1, the subsidy scheme Demonstration Energy Innovation (DEI) has been opened for energy innovations. It is meant for innovations that have passed the prototyping phase and are ready for large-scale demonstration in practice.

The Energy Sector provides more than € 20 million for DEI this autumn. The DEI opens for the second time in 2017.

Read more in Dutch


TTS and Ulstein Secure First Colibri Crane Order

Congratulations to a TKI Wind op Zee project:

TTS Group and Ulstein have received the first order for the jointly developed TTS Colibri crane which will be installed on a wind service operation vessel (WSOV) currently under construction in Turkey for Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA).

Find out more about the project in Dutch

Find out more about the order



Pioneering SME; TWD

TWD increases confidence and efficiency of transport by friction measurements

It can be dangerous when monopiles start moving during sea transport. To prevent this from happening, contractors have to work with strict safety requirements in their design of sea fastening structures. However, what if a company would know exactly how much the friction between the monopile and the sea fastening is in different weather conditions? Then, a lot of transport costs can be saved, says Jelmer Jacobs of engineering consulting company TWD. For TWD innovation is core business.

Read the complete interview with Jelmer Jacobs here.


For your information

  • June 28 the TKI Wind op Zee organized a meeting on International Research. There were presentations from Matthijs Soede (Research Programme Officer, EC) regarding the SET-plan, Claire Hooft Graafland (RVO) about Horizon 2020 and Sjoerd van der Putten TNO on experiences of TNO and ECN with European research programmes. You can find the presentations here.



  • Workshop Action Research: How to involve the community in energy innovations: 29 August and 12 September 2017, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Read more (in Dutch)
  • BlueWeek Autumn session: 9 - 11 October, Rostock, Germany. Read more
  • Jet-Net Career Day 2017: Upcoming school year Jet-Net will organize regional Jet-Net Career Days at different locations in the country! 4 HAVO and 5 VWO students get acquainted with technology and the companies involved. Companies that want to exhibit. Read more
    • 18 en 19 oktober: Careerday-on-Tour Oost (Twente).
    • 14 en 15 november: Career Day West (TU Delft).
    • 21 en 22 november: Career Day Noord (Windesheim Zwolle).
    • 28 en 29 november: Career Day Zuid (TU Eindhoven).
  • Winddays 2018: 13 – 14 June 2018, The Nederlands. Read more

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