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The WindDays 2018 were again a success. Thanks to all of you who participated in this event. During the two days, we have seen many interesting presentations and a lot of networking at the exhibition floor. We are looking forward to 2019!
During the WindDays, Offshore Wind Innovators launched three challenges. One of these challenges came from the TKI Wind op Zee. This challenge addresses the ecological limitations on the roll-out of offshore wind farms.

How can we prevent that the large-scale development of offshore wind farms in the Netherlands is limited by impact on birds?

Each participant can focus on one of several questions to contribute to the challenge formulated. In this way, the TKI Wind op Zee foresees two possible solutions to this challenge:

  • A smart and new technological innovation to prevent bird impact and/or minimize disturbance;
  • An innovative research design which improves monitoring and/or modelling to more accurately estimate and mitigate the impact on specific bird species.

Offshore wind Innovators have also presented other challenges:

  • SEAZIP is looking for the perfect fender.
  • Gemini offshore wind farm has three challenges:
    • an innovative mobile analysis device or kit to determine the condition of oil and grease of turbines.
    • a mobile and fully automated robotized bolting device.
    • a method to be able to inspect blades in the dark using drones.

Do you want to contribute to the TKI Wind op Zee challenge? Or do you want to find out more about the other challenges? You can submit in July and August. Find out more here.
Best regards,
Bob Meijer

Furthermore, I would like to inform you on:

  • TKI Wind op Zee Project: DOT Monopile installed at Princess Amalia OWF
  • TKI Wind op Zee: Associated partner Marine Energy Alliance (interreg)
  • Offshore wind – gas combination is technical and economical feasible
  • Pioneering SME: Next Ocean
  • Overview of a large number of open and upcoming calls
  • Meeting Results Roadmaps System integration
  • NWA matchmaking event Route Energy Transition


TKI Wind op Zee Project: DOT Monopile installed at Princess Amalia OWF

Heerema Marine Contractors and CAPE Holland have, on behalf of DOT, installed a monopile at the site of Eneco’s Princess Amalia offshore wind farm (Prinses Amalia Wind Park). The monopile will be used for the planned Slip Joint Offshore Research project which is a partnership between DOT, Delft University of Technology, TNO, Van Oord and Sif group.
Installation was executed by Heerema’s DCV Aegir in combination with a Cape Holland provided Vibro Lifting Tool; a hybrid of a vibro-hammer and lifting tool that removes the need for other tools usually required for picking up, upending and driving the pile to final penetration.
DOT and its partners are part of TKI Wind op Zee and have received support from the TKI Wind op Zee and Topsector Energy programme.

TKI Wind op Zee is associated partner of the Marine Energy Alliance

The Marine Energy Alliance (MEA) project is a four-year project supported by the INTERREG North West Europe programme. Nine partners will combine their expertise to accelerate the growth of forty companies developing marine energy solutions. The partnership consists of the Dutch Marine Energy Centre (NL), the European Marine Energy Centre (UK), the Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy (IR), Ecole Centrale de Nantes (FR), Exceedence (IR), INNOSEA (FR), Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (NL), the University of Edinburgh (UK) and communication partner Navingo (NL).

About the MEA project

MEA unites regional experience and capabilities of leading organisations with a track record in marine energy development. The main objective is to progress the technical- and commercial maturity level of 40 SMEs developing marine energy technologies (wave- & tidal energy), reducing the risks in the subsequent demonstration phase. This is achieved by delivering a suite of integrated technical and commercial services, tailored to the needs of each SME supported in the project. Besides that, further investments in the supported companies are achieved by setting-up a broad investment portfolio.
As an associated partner TKI Wind op Zee does not financially contribute to the project but has an interest in its results. We effectively act as an observer.


Offshore wind – gas combination is technical and economical feasible

Coupling of the existing oil and gas infrastructure with offshore wind farms in the North Sea can be technically and economically feasible, according to research carried out under the TKI North Sea Energy programme.
Examples include the electrification of oil and gas platforms, the use and reuse of gas infrastructure for the transport of wind energy in the form of hydrogen, and the reuse of empty gas fields for the subsurface storage of CO2. Also platform electrification is a good example and starting point for coupling systems. This requires a smart coupling between offshore wind parks and the present oil and gas infrastructure.

According to the Dutch initiative, the first decisions to get such systems operational will be required in the very near future not only to attain the climate objectives, but also bearing in mind the rapidly approaching decommissioning of oil and gas infrastructure in the North Sea.

The North Sea Energy programme was launched to accelerate the energy transition in the North Sea. This programme is supported by the Topsector Energy and has about twenty participants from trade and industry, sector organisations, research institutions and civil society organisations (NGOs). The program is intended to have a term of several years, and currently has funding in excess of EUR 1.5 million.

Find out more (in Dutch)

Next Ocean: A traffic light to cross safely

Pioneering SME

Start-up Next Ocean has developed a method to accurately predict, up to the minute, whether it is safe to cross from a boat to a platform and vice versa. The Wave Warning System increases safety and the number of working days. And the beauty of this solution is that the ship's own navigation radar can be used.
Read the complete interview with Karel Roozen from Next Ocean here.


Overview of a large number of open and upcoming calls

Renewable Energy Scheme-      Industrial research for product development and Joint Research Projects
-      Topics such as support structures, wind turbines and wind farms, the internal electrical network and connection to the high-voltage network, transport, installation and logistics, and operation and maintenance. In addition, this program is open for other energy technologies.
-      Call closes 31 March 2019, see TKI Wind op Zee website
 Feasibility studies energy (Topsector energiestudies)
-      Pilot studies to test feasibility of new energy technology
-      This supports preliminary investigations and feasibility studies related to the energy transition. For offshore wind it applies to all theme’s within the TKI Wind op Zee program.
-      Call is open, see TKI Wind op Zee website
 Systeemintegratie op de Noordzee
-      Proposals should increase the value of off-shore wind parks in the North Sea
-      E.g. by reducing the cost of integrating wind energy into the energy system
-      Call opens 2 July, see RVO website (in Dutch)
 Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Innoveren MVI-Energie-     International Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSR)
-     Call opens 2 July, see RVO website (in Dutch)ERA-Net Regional Energy Systems
-      International R&D projects
-      Follow-up of earlier calls of ERA-Net Smart Grids
-      Call opens 23 May on ERA-Net Website
-      Applicants from The Netherlands should read this NWO news item
 Nationale Wetenschapsagenda 
-      Proposals should fit in topics of the NWA-routes
-      Broad consortia from science, society and private sector are preferred
-      Call opens 24 May, see this NWO-announcement
-      Deadline preproposals after the summer
 Crossover call
-      Proposals should address issues from more than one Topsector or research agendas such as the NWA
-      Large, interdisciplinary consortia that include public and private parties
-      50% cofunding necessary
-      Call expected to open in May, see this NWO-announcement
 Systeemintegratie en Warmtesystemen
-      Integration of heat networks in the energy system
-      See NWO-programming for Topsector Energy 2018-2019
-      No timetable yet
 Transities & Gedrag
-      Acceptance of and behavior w.r.t. technological changes in energy, ICT, health, nutrition etc, but also issues concerning governance
-      See NWO-programming for Topsector Energy 2018-2019
-      No timetable yet
 Digitalisering in het Energielandschap
-      IT research for the energy company of the future, e.g. blockchain, peer to peer Smart Grids
-      See NWO-programming for Topsector Energy 2018-2019 (in Dutch)
-      See Topsector Energy report (in Dutch)
-      No timetable yet


Meeting Results Roadmaps System integration

5 July 2018, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Three roadmaps for system integration have been developed. The roadmaps are a guiding framework for the energy transition on both short and long-term.

Find out more (in Dutch)


NWA matchmaking event Route Energy Transition

17 July 2018, Utrecht, The Netherlands

You are kindly invited to participate in the matchmaking event of the NWA route Energy Transition taking place on Tuesday, July 17th in Utrecht (13.00 – 18.00 o'clock). This match making is primarily aimed at the NWO Dutch National Research Agenda call (NWA-ORC).
The Netherlands Energy Research Alliance (NERA) is hosting this matchmaking event to give researchers and consortia a platform to pitch their proposal idea in connection to the theme of Energy Transition and the NWA bottom-up call. We will give plenty of opportunities to meet fellow researchers and organizations active in the field. We hope that the event will be used by you to strengthen the consortia being formed. For clarity, the NWA route (or NERA) itself does not have a say in defining whether a proposal is appropriately connected to the route (see call conditions) and is only hosting this event.   
The largest part of the program will consist of pitches [5 min per proposal idea] and table discussions, meaning that the success of the event depends on the availability of sufficient pitches and participation. Please feel invited to pitch!
Registration for attendance and pitches: here.
Find out more about the NWA-ORC call: here.
Find out more about the NWA Route Energy transition: here.

For your information

  • The 10th TKI international cooperation meeting took place on the 27th of June. You can find the presentations here.
  • SET-Plan: the Offshore Wind Implementation Plan has been published. The Offshore Wind Temporary Working Group (TWG) is composed of representatives of relevant countries and stakeholders, representing both the industry and academia. It identified research and innovation (R&I) activities as well as non-technical barriers/enablers, important to the further development of fixed1 and floating offshore wind, which were included in this Implementation Plan (IP). You can find it here.

New edition of Career Update of the maritime, offshore & energy industry: In this edition you can read tips on how to limit working during your holidays, in order to arrive back home well rested. Visit and read the new Career Update (in Dutch).



  • Webinar Geophysical and geotechnical Assessment Hollandse Kust (zuid) Sites III and IV: 5 July 2018. Martijn Klein (Fugro) will guide you through the soil conditions and the geological context at the Hollandse Kust (zuid) WFZ based on bathymetric, seismic and geological data available at time of the study. A panel with experts from Fugro, RVO and third parties experts working for RVO will be present to answer any questions on the geotechnical assessment. Participation of this webinar is free of charge. Would you like to join this webinar? Please send an email to @email.
  • Floating Wind Power Atlantic Forum 2018: 19 September 2018, Brest, France. Find out more
  • WindEurope 2018 Conference at the Global Wind Summit: 25 - 28 September 2018, Hamburg, Germany. Find out more
  • MARIN software seminar on Hydrodynamic ship design, Offshore engineering, Simulation and training: 11 October 2018, Wageningen, The Netherlands. Find out more
  • Offshore Energy Match 2018: 23-24 oktober 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Find out more

 Please take a look at more wind energy events here.