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Dear all,

Offshore wind in The Netherlands is increasingly an international playing field. Therefore we have decided to start to communicate in English.

With another breakthrough in the German tender, our efforts to redefine the mission of the TKI Wind op Zee gets a new momentum. The role of offshore wind is rapidly changing from a niche player to a central element of the energy transition. This also means new opportunities for the manufacturing industry and the supply chain in its broadest sense. Supplying hundreds of turbines (and maintaining them) to the Dutch part) of the North Sea requires a thorough analysis of bottle necks and opportunities. The Dutch harbours provide excellent area’s for assembly and logistical solutions. This could mean great projects and a vital innovation cluster for our knowledge institutes and universities. Large numbers of PhD students are needed to fuel our industry with new ideas, upscaling, incremental improvements and radical innovations to fulfil the promises for a bright future.

Best regards,

Ernst van Zuijlen


Furthermore I would like to inform you on:

  • Innovation and Demonstration Tenders
  • Report REWind Offshore
  • Partnership TKI Wind op Zee Supply Chain Tool en
  • Breakthrough in German tenders; first subsidy-free offshore wind farms
  • Information meeting May 9th 2017 – Tender Hollandse Kust (Zuid) sites I and II
  • Energy Innovation Talks 2017
  • Training stakeholder management in wind energy at the North Sea
  • Pioneering SME: Whiffle


Innovation and Demonstration Tenders

If you are interested in funding for your innovation project, please note there are three open TKI tenders for research and innovations projects:

Wind op Zee R&D Projects - total budget available € 4.7 million closing 2 May 2017
This call is targeted at medium level TRL developments for offshore wind. Find out more

Systeemintegratie op de Noordzee (System Integration in the North Sea) - total budget available € 1.0 million - closing 23 May 2017
A new call for innovation projects targeted at cooperation between offshore gas and offshore wind projects. Find out more

Hernieuwbare Energieregeling - total budget available € 50 million - first come, first serve
This call is a wider call for higher TRL innovation projects in various renewable energy technologies resulting in cost reduction. Find out more

The official RVO tender regulations are leading.


Borssele Innovation Site (Site V)

The tender for the Borssele Innovation Site (Site V) for offshore demonstration is scheduled to open in October 2017 and close in January 2018. 
Following the public consultation on the tender regulations, organised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and RVO, we are anticipating the final version of these regulations. There is a growing interest from various parties in this unique opportunity to demonstrate new technology on this offshore site. For more information click here or contact Bob Meijer.


Comparative Analysis of International Offshore Wind Energy Development (REWind Offshore)

Publication of IEA Renewable Energy Technology Deployment Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA RETD TCP)
This report presents a comparative analysis of approaches to offshore wind development internationally. It has identified a series of key lessons learned across three primary focus areas: government policy & regulation, the development of industry structures and the risk management strategies adopted by offshore wind developers.Find out more


Partnership TKI Wind op Zee Supply Chain Tool en

In 2015 the TKI Wind op Zee launched the Supply Chain Tool. A number of organizations and companies registered in the tool. We are convinced this tool is an important contribution to the formation of the sector, since the tool provides useful information about the companies involved in the offshore wind sector and the projects realized in Europe. a platform by Navingo offers also an environment to connect people within the offshore wind industry. This platform consists of the Offshore WIND magazine, newsletter and website

Joining forces
The online environment offers many features similar to those of our Supply Chain Tool. Therefore we joined forces by combining the two databases.


Special offer for participants TKI Wind op Zee

We can offer participants of the TKI Wind op Zee a free registration in the database for 2017 and 2018. This means free of charge publication of your company name, contact details, a short company description and your logo. For information please contact Joost Dankers.


Breakthrough in German tenders; first subsidy-free offshore wind farms

After the latest German offshore wind tender resulted in EnBW and DONG Energy announcing the world’s first subsidy-free offshore wind farms. The industry welcomed the news and the direction these tender results set for the sector. Namely, three out of the four awarded projects will not require subsidy on top of the wholesale electricity price: EnBW’s 900MW He Dreiht, and DONG Energy’s 240MW OWP West and 240MW Borkum Riffgrund West 2. The fourth project awarded, DONG’s Gode Wind 3, had a bid price of EUR 60 per MWh.Find out more


Information meeting May 9th 2017 – Tender Hollandse Kust (zuid) sites I and II

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) organises an Information Meeting about the Tender Hollandse Kust (zuid) Sites I and II. In this meeting an update on the Ministerial Order for Offshore Wind Energy 2017, the subsidy and permit, the application forms and model for operational calculation is provided to you. The presentations will be in Dutch. If you want to attend this meeting with a translator, please let The Netherlands Enterprise Agency know so that we can take this into account. You can also ask questions regarding the tender Hollandse Kust (zuid), sites I and II.

Find out more


Energy Innovation Talks 2017

The Topsector Energie is looking for innovative concepts for the energy transition and therefore challenges the next generation to develop new ideas during the Energy Innovation Talks. Students and young professionals have the opportunity to show their innovations directly to the top of the energy sector during the upcoming Working Conference of The Topsector Energie. November 29th 2017 in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands.
Check out the photos from last year and get inspired!

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Masterclass: June 16th 2017
Bootcamp: September 29th and 30th 2017
Topsector: Conference November 29th 2017



Training stakeholder management in wind energy at the North Sea

Netherlands Enterprice Agency (RVO) has developed a training (in Dutch) on stakeholder management in wind energy. This training will teach you what strategic environment management is, how to identify stakeholders, get insight in their interests and how to lead successful negotiations.

May 23rd 2017, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Costs € 100,-.

Find out moreRegister here


Pioneering SME: Whiffle

Weather forecasts for wind farms cause the imbalance in cutting costs

Each year owners of offshore wind farms suffer losses of millions of euros because they deliver more or less electricity to the grid than they have agreed upon the day before. The reason behind this is the uncertainty in the weather forecasts.
Whiffle has developed a weather model that delivers highly detailed wind forecasts for wind farms. This makes a significant difference in the imbalance in the cost.
Read the full interview in Dutch with Remco Verzijlbergh, director of Whiffle here.


For your information

  • International match making with Enterprise Europe Network during Offshore Wind Energy 2017: 6 – 8 juni 2017, Londen, United Kingdom. Find out more. Send in your intake form before April 30th 2017 to Kees Mokveld.
  • The first meeting of the North Seas Energy Forum was held on March 23rd, in Brussels. The forum, organised by the European Commission, brings together representatives from the public, private and non-governmental sectors in the ten countries in the North Seas region – Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom – as well as from the European Commission. The participants discussed the development of an offshore grid covering this region that will realise its full energy potential.
  • During this event, representatives of Dutch, Danish and German transmission system operators signed an agreement to develop the North Sea Wind Power Hub. Please find the Political Declaration signed by the North Seas countries in 2016 and action plan that emphasised their commitment to developing offshore renewable energy and the necessary infrastructure in the region here.
  • Michiel Müller (Ecofys) held an interesting speech during the North Sea Energy Forum on March 23rd in Brussels. In his presentation he stressed the importance of offshore wind energy to achieve a complete decarbonisation by 2050. For example, offshore wind energy could cover 90% of the electricity demand of the North Sea states by an installed capacity of up to 250 GW. This would require a yearly addition of 7 GW in Europe. Have a look at this presentation.
  • Tender system integration on the North Sea: Please find an interesting interview with Bob Meijer (TKI Wind op Zee) on the tender system integration on the North Sea.



  • Teach the Teacher, May 9th 2017, organised by CAREER, registration via Liesbeth Batelaan.
  • Working conference secondary education (MBO) in on- and offshore wind: May 17th 2017, Rotterdam The Netherlands. 
  • Energy Now: May 30th 2017, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Find out more
  • Netwerkborrel Topsector Energie: with a mini-symposium digitalisation and energy transition: June 7th, 15.00 - 18.00 o'clock (registration 14.30 o'clock), Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Find out more
  • WindDays 2017: June 14th 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Find out more

Take a look at more wind energy events here.