TKI Urban Energy Flexcon Series, part IX- Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles

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TKI Urban Energy

Today we share our ninth video in the TKI Urban Energy Flexcon series. The concept: In the Flexcon series we share in ten days ten videos with you. In the videos you will see short interviews with national and international experts. The topics covered in the interviews are a selection of the topics TKI Urban Energy will organise events on in 2018. The videos can be considered as a sneak preview of what you may expect from us next year.

In today’s video you see Marieke van Amstel, from ElaadNL explaining the need for smart charging. We hope you will get inspired and want to join our activities. Interested in becoming member? Join us now.

The videos are recorded during Flexcon 2017. Flexcon is the first large European conference fully dedicated to the the topic of flex in the energy system.