Tender Innovation Site Borssele opens January 2018

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The tender for Borssele Wind Farm Site V, the Innovation Site in Borssele Wind Farm Zone (Borssele V), will open on January 2, 2018. Applicants can submit a proposal at mijnrvo.nl until January 18, 2018, 17:00 hrs CET. This announcement was made in the Ministerial Order for Innovative Offshore Wind Energy published on October 17, 2017 in the Government Gazette (in Dutch). An English translation will soon be available.

With the Innovation Site applicants are offered the opportunity to demonstrate innovations for offshore wind energy under realistic circumstances. The Government offers a subsidy both for the production of the electricity and for the higher investment costs. As well as the subsidy and the permit for the building and exploitation, a connection to the grid will be guaranteed. The capacity of the Innovation Site installation will be between 6 and 20 MW. This can be delivered by a maximum of two turbines.

The objectives for the Innovation Site are:

  • Create an opportunity for companies established in the Netherlands to test or demonstrate highly-developed technology before actual market introduction (showcase);
  • Contribute to reducing the cost of offshore wind energy;
  • Contribute to the Dutch economy through expansion of the market and (export) potential for Dutch companies;
  • Contribute to building knowledge in the Netherlands by involving Dutch SMEs and Dutch knowledge institutions.

Applications will be ranked according to four criteria: the contribution to cost price reduction of offshore wind energy, the contribution to the Dutch economy, the innovativeness, and the quality of the project (more information can be found in the Ministerial Order for Offshore Wind Energy).

An information meeting has taken place in Utrecht. The presentation given that day (in Dutch) is to be found here (an English translation will soon be available).
The Government performed several site studies in order to further minimise risks and associated costs. These are available on offshorewind.rvo.nl.
Questions about this tender can be submitted by email to woz@rvo.nl till December 15, 17:00h CET. All questions and answers will be published anonymously.

Project and Site Description Innovation Site Borssele

The Project and Site Description (PSD) of the Innovation Site Borssele has been published and can be found at http://offshorewind.rvo.nl/studiesborsseleV