Rapport van The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies roept op tot samenwerking met Duitsland op innovatiegebied, waaronder waterstof en energieopslag

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The report aims to promote a strategic discussion between the Netherlands and Germany on long-term bilateral cooperation in energy R&D. The report provides an overview of Germany’s complex energy R&D policy, detailing actors, aims and financial means. The key message is that the Netherlands can learn from Germany’s long-term and strategically coherent policy approach.

Research findings invite stakeholders from the Netherlands and Germany to step up their cross-border cooperation on a range of energy R&D issues of common interest in a more consistent manner. In strengthening bilateral cooperation between the two countries, the report recommends the establishment of a bilateral ‘Energy Priority Program’. Shared Dutch-German strategic interests in specific energy R&D subjects include heat, hydrogen, e-mobility and storage.

Due to economic and political interdependence, as well as to geographical proximity to the Netherlands, the report pays particular attention to the energy R&D policy of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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