Publicatie: "Valorisation perspectives for offshore wind energy innovation projects"

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TKI Wind op Zee

This week TKI Wind op Zee published a report with an analysis of the success of knowledge valorisation for about 200 innovation projects in the offshore wind sector. This report was drawn up by SEO Amsterdam Economics and commisssioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and TKI Wind op Zee. 

The research was done on the basis of information of Topsector Energy and TKI Wind op Zee relevant projects that received subsidy from RVO and the Dutch Research Council (NWO) from 2014 onwards, combined with interviews with  RVO and NWO and an online survey among the principals of several completed research projects.

The report draws some interesting conclusions:

  • 95% of the projects yielded (a contribution to a) a new product, service or process;
  • 64% of the projects resulted in spin-off activities including further research, trying to achieve higher TRL's and/or commercialisation;
  • 52% of the projects consisted of public-private collaboration in the form of a partnership between a public research organisation and a private company. Principal investigators find this type of cooperation most benefical for knowledge sharing. The participation of the public research organisation resulted in an important contribution to the generation of new knowledge;
  • 93 % of the respondents indicated that their project resulted in a publication.

We read from the report an encouragement of the TKI Wind op Zee and Topsector Energy activities.

Click here to read the full report.