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Offshore Wind Innovators

Per 1 januari 2020 is wordt de community van de Offshore Wind Innovators onderdeel van het TKI Wind op Zee. Deze verhuizing is het resultaat van het feit dat InnovatieLink -  een van de 'founding fathers' van de community - , per 31 december ophoudt te bestaan.

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The community of Offshore Wind Innovators is an initiative from InnovatieLink with the support of NWEA and TKI Wind op Zee. The community consists of 160+ companies and organizations, like SME companies, investors, media partners and corporates.

The last years the community has organized events like the Masterclass Finance, the InvestorDay, the Innovation Challenge and the Innovation Award. Next to these events, many SME entrepreneurs took the opportunity to receive feedback on the topics of financing their innovation, finding a launching customer and get exposure.

These activities will be continued. The hosting of the community by TKI Wind op Zee will strengthen support for SME’s in their quest to valorization. They will profit from the access to a broader network and the development of a better and more focused strategy for SME’s in offshore wind. Bob Meijer: “Pioneering SME’s are key in the innovation system. They are able to bring new ideas in a short period of time from development to implementation. TKI Wind op Zee is pleased to host the community of Offshore Wind Innovators and make the connection with the larger innovation eco-system.”  

The community will keep operating independently. The management of the community will be continued by Martin Weissmann. Quote Martin: “SME entrepreneurs and startups have a significant challenge to valorize their innovations.  The biggest challenges for SME’s are to finance for their innovation or contracting their launching customer. I am pleased TKI Wind op Zee will host the activities of the community from 2020 onwards. In this way we can continue to help entrepreneurs accelerating their innovation faster to the market”.

For questions about Offshore Wind Innovators, please contact; for more information about TKI Wind op Zee you can contact