Offshore System Integration – Merits & Challenges, February 6th 2019, Utrecht

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TKI Nieuw Gas

On February 6th 2019 we invite you to join us for the small conference Offshore System Integration – Merits & Challenges where we will present the main results of the North Sea Energy 2 program. The session will take place from 14.00-17.00h.

In the North Sea Energy program, several studies have been done to identify and characterize important aspects that make offshore system integration successful. Some highlights of the program:

  • Techno-economic analysis for several case studies of offshore clusters, focusing on how varying scenarios for electrification, CO2 storage and hydrogen production offshore may be put into practice.
  • An inventory of the most important regulatory challenges for the implementation of offshore system integration
  • Studies towards how the implementation system integration affects ecology and environment

The conference will take place at TNO Utrecht, Princetonlaan 6, Utrecht. Please register for the conference here