New CCU website goes live

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The initiators want to contribute to a thriving CCU economy in the Netherlands and abroad. For an economy to thrive, connections and partnerships are vital. In these times, it’s essential to facilitate new ways of connecting people and businesses.

For this purpose a new website on CCU in the Netherlands was ceated!

On 1 October, the new CO2 Smart Use website will go live. This website (and our CCU program) aims to:

1.           Accelerate the valorisation of CCU: helping new entrepreneurs and business models to the market

2.           Get the ecosystem going: connecting business partners and models to funds, subsidies, sites and markets

3.           Share knowledge: showing the world what innovations and products are available and what is coming up

4.           Get the evidence: providing policy makers, fund managers and others with relevant information for their strategies


Many CCU professionals have already registered on the website. If you want to join our database of experts, you are more than welcome to register via