Interesting NWO Calls regarding offshore wind

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NWO facilitates excellent, curiosity-driven disciplinary, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research.


The Science PPP Fund intends to promote cooperation and transfer of knowledge between universities and companies. The Fund welcomes new initiatives that fit within the roadmaps of the Topsectors Chemistry, Energy, HTSM, Agri & Food and ICT. Verification of the fit ('passendheidstoets') is carried out by the relevant TKI.
Deadline:         8 October 2019, 14.00 hours
Budget:           € 12,000,000 (€ 4.500.000 for Energy)
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Knowledge Innovation Mapping (KIEM) is intended for public-private co-operation of an SME and a university, or an SME and a university plus an HBO-institution. KIEM is also available for start-ups. Projects are funded for 20% by the industry and for 80% by NWO.
Deadline:         Continuous application, final deadline 8 October
Budget:           € 1,200,000
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Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA)- Theme: Ecology & North Sea

This call for proposals calls upon knowledge institutions and other interested parties to develop research projects aimed to develop knowledge across the entire chain concerning the specific interaction between ecology and the physical aspects of wind turbines and wind farms and to provide an action perspective for policy, implementation and practice. The programme focuses on crucial interactions and possible bottlenecks, such as interactions between wind turbines and birds or bats, and the effects on the ecosystem's capacity. Providing a hard substrate and an undisturbed seafloor are examples of interactions that provide ecological opportunities.
Deadline:         24 October 2019, 14.00 hours
Budget:           € 2,860,000
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Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA) - Theme: Storage and Conversion

This call for proposals invites knowledge institutes and other interested parties to participate in research and implementation projects in the area of Storage and Conversion. This is the storage of renewable electricity in chemical compounds. And conversion is crucial in a sustainable energy system and requires far-reaching fundamental and applied knowledge in the area of Electrochemical Conversion & Materials (ECCM). The programme aims to build bridges: between different scientific fields, between different forms of research (fundamental, applied, practice-oriented) and between diverse national and international knowledge agendas.
Deadline:         21 November 2019, 14.00 hours
Budget:           € 3,812,000
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