GAS FOR CLIMATE New study: existing gas infrastructure indispensable to decarbonise the EU energy system

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new gas for climate

On March 18, 2019 a study performed by Navigant for the Gas for Climate consortium was published. This study serves as a follow-up to a study published last year, including a greatly expanded scope and analysis.

Main conclusions:

  • The study finds that a smart combination of hydrogen and biomethane with electricity is the optimal way to decarbonise the energy system, with all energy ultimately becoming renewable.
  • Using around 2900 TWh or approximately 270 billion cubic metres (natural gas equivalent) of green hydrogen and renewable methane through existing gas infrastructure across the EU saves society €217 billion annually by 2050 compared to an energy system using a minimal amount of gas.
  • Substantial hydrogen, biomethane and power to methane production cost reductions are possible.