Offshore Wind R&D Projects



The Offshore Wind R&D Projects initiative provides a potential subsidy for the themes ‘Cost Reduction and Optimisation’ and ‘Offshore Wind and its Environment’. The goals are as follows.

For the program line ‘Cost Reduction and Optimisation’:

  • Support Structures
  • Wind Turbine and Wind Farms
  • Network and digitisation
  • Transport, Installation and Logistics
  • Operations and Maintenance

For the program line ‘Integration in the Energy System’:

  • Large scale smart transmission systems
  • Offshore grid

For the program line ‘Offshore Wind and its Environment’:

  • Integrated spatial planning of offshore wind farms
  • Improve the ecological value of offshore wind farms

Note: The activities within the theme ‘Cost Reduction and Optimisation’ should be limited to Industrial Research1. The projects distinguish themselves from projects with a larger scope as envisaged in the Renewable Energy Program. In addition, the research must focus on topics that do not directly, or concretely enough, contribute to cost reduction by 2030, such as optimisation, circularity, risk reduction and improvements to safety. The theme ' Offshore Wind and its Environment’ does not focus on cost reduction of offshore wind energy.

(Projects within the theme ‘Integration in the Energy System’ are covered by the scheme ‘System Integration in the North Sea)

1Industrial research covers ‘planned or critical research aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills with the aim to develop new products, processes or services, or to significantly improve existing products, processes or services’ (source:



Target Projects:

Industrial research for product development and Joint Research Projects

Tender System:

based on ranking

Tender Open:


Tender Closes:

7 May 2019


€ 4,5 million

Maximum Subsidy Size:

€ 750.000 per project

Please note that in case of conflict, the official information found on the RVO website is authoritative.


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