Innovation Brokers


TKI Wind op Zee has, through the Topsector Energy, made funds available to SME entrepreneurs to assist in hiring an Innovation Broker. 50% of the Innovation Broker fees can be reimbursed, to a maximum of 10,000 euros.

An ‘Innovation Broker’ can assist SME entrepreneurs with:
• preparing an innovation for the market;
• determining the value proposition and the revenue model;
• setting up the business case and funding proposals for a market introduction;
• finding suitable collaboration partners;
• setting up consortia and partnerships with other companies and/or knowledge institutes.

Are you, as an SME entrepreneur, looking for support from an Innovation Broker? Then you can apply at the TKI Wind op Zee to receive a financial fee for this support. If you meet the conditions, up to 50% of the costs of ‘Innovation Broker’ support can be reimbursed. The other 50% is to be paid by the entrepreneur themselves. The maximum subsidy is €10,000 per company.



Start-up and SME entrepreneurs are often innovation leaders. But they often face many challenges, particularly when unfamiliar with the offshore wind sector or as a result of limited financial resources. The TKI Wind op Zee is willing to support these leaders.


For whom?

  • Companies active in offshore wind but aiming to expand their activities with regards to new technological or business innovation.
  • Niche companies/specialists active in offshore wind and that are looking for partnerships/consortia (e.g. suppliers).
  • For example, companies operating in the Oil & Gas, Maritime or Onshore Wind Sector wanting to expand their services to offshore wind.

You qualify for financial support if:

  • you are a start-up or SME entrepreneur.
  • you are willing to finance 50% of the Innovation Broker costs yourself.
  • your product or service is innovative and contributes to reducing cost for offshore wind.



The TKI Wind op Zee has compiled a list of Innovation Brokers.

Innovation Broker



Nick Bakker

Netherlands Maritime Technology

Maritime, Consortia Formation

Jaap 't Hooft


Subsidy Acquisition and Structuring

Sep Tunzi   Intellectual Property, Knowledge Protection, Knowledge Exploitation

Marcel Klop


Co-development, Offshore, Financing

Mark Strootman


Horizon2020, Funding, Subsidies, Consortium Formation

Willem Jaspers


Project Development, (European) Funding and Subsidy Acquisition

Jeroen Speelman

Tech Force Innovations

Business Development Plan, Subsidies, Consortium Formation

Peter Westerhuijs

UD Ventures

Business Innovation, Consortia Formation, Funding, Subsidy Acquisition

Jan van Miltenburg Evers + Manders Subsidieadviseurs Business plans, Project development, Consortium Formation, Subsidies


You can also download this list of Innovation Brokers here.



The deadline for applying for financial contribution is the1st of August 2019 The activities must be completed by the 21st of August 2018. Administration of the application is carried out through the Topsector Energy. The TKI Wind op Zee is responsible for assessing the content. If you are interested in this opportunity, please first contact Martin Weissmann at the TKI Wind op Zee.