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The offshore wind projects in which TKI Wind op Zee is involved can be found in the project application of the Topsector Energy. Create your own project overview by refining the results with the filters. Or perform a search for a specific scheme.

Offshore wind projects in the spotlight

Over 170 projects are currently running within the TKI Wind op Zee. We have highlighted and visualized a number of projects. Get an impression of or read an article about a few offshore wind innovations that focus on cost reduction and the acceleration of the energy transition.

Project Article

A smart way to measure the wind field and produce more energy

Sensor-assisted wind farm optimisation (SAWOP) will enable better monitoring of the incoming wind flow using spinner anemometers and nacelle LiDAR systems. Based on the analysis of sensor data, strategies can be developed to improve the energy yield of the whole wind farm.

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Solar@Sea II  

Offshore solar power plants and wind turbines in Solar@Sea II

Within the consortium Solar@Sea II, TNO, Bluewater Energy Services, Genap, Marin, Endures and Avans Hogeschool team-up. The partners will test a concept based on lightweight flexible floaters and flexible solar panels.

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Haliade-X sets new standards

The Haliade-X prototype in Port of Rotterdam with its new technology and dimensions has set several new standards in the field of sustainable wind energy. This wind turbine, located at the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam (Netherlands), is 248 meters and has blades of 107 meters. Besides, it produces the largest energy yield ever from a single wind turbine. Annually, the Haliade-X can generate 46.3 GWh of electricity, as a consequence, CO2 emissions are reduced by 28.1 kilotons. 

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Seaqualize - Small companies with big ideas need big companies with great courage

The offshore wind industry is growing fast. It is a relatively new sector of energy production that is characterised by innovations and upscaling: the fields are increasing in size, the turbines are becoming higher, and the technical challenges are greater. Offshore oil and gas drilling has been a mature industry for a long time, but it is a really different branch and offers hardly any technical starting points to build on with offshore wind energy.

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C1 Connection  

The C1 Wedge Connection ™ can handle higher loads

Offshore wind turbines and monopiles are getting bigger. All technology grows, while people remain the same size, leading to installation challenges. he C1 Wedge Connection is a new innovative connection that can be used for bottom fixed and floating wind turbines. The increasing size of wind turbines in combination with harsher conditions have pushed the limits of existing connections. 

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Borssele V  

Borssele V: high-tech and fully operational

The Borssele Wind Farm Site V, part of a new sustainable energy zone, consists of two turbines and is now fully operational. The two wind turbines play an important role in demonstrating innovations for the offshore wind market. The consortium was given a unique opportunity to jointly test and demonstrate advanced novel technologies in the field of wind energy.

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Noise Mitigation System (NMS)  

Noise Mitigation System: the future standard noise reduction method for offshore pile driving?

The Noise Mitigation System is a new system to reduce noise during offshore pile driving. Just like the muffler in an exhaust of a car, the Noise Mitigation System targets specific low frequencies that produce most noise.

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Dutch Offshore Wind Atlas (DOWA)

Lower uncertainties for North Sea offshore wind energy with accurate wind information

The Dutch Offshore Wind Atlas (DOWA) provides accurate wind information at the North Sea for offshore wind energy use. It is an innovation in the wind energy sector in the Netherlands.

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Hydraulic Pile Extraction – Scale Tests (HyPE-ST)  

Sustainable monopile decommissioning, one step closer to circularity

The Hydraulic Pile Extraction – Scale Tests (HyPE-ST) project aimed at both the fundamental understanding and the demonstration of the feasibility of hydraulically extracting monopiles for decommissioning.

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Gentle Driving of Piles (GDP)  

Twist the cork and it becomes thinner

Gentle Driving of Piles (GDP) is a project led by TU Delft that is executed within the GROW program. The method for pile driving they developed is based on utilizing a certain vibration unused so far in the industry for pile driving. With this the novel installation method, the pile installation process can be made as efficient as possible.

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Ampyx Power’s Airborne Wind Energy System  

Flying a plane like a kite

Ampyx Power’s AWES (Airborne Wind Energy System) is a tethered rigid wing drone connected to a generator on the ground. The drone steers itself across the wind in a repetitive pattern at an altitude of up to 450 m.

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