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TKI Wind op Zee wants to innovate organizations in their search for project partners. Relate to you innovative in the field of offshore energy who present themselves and their project proposals. Does one jump out for you? Please contact the organization directly.


Seaqualize has developed an active heave compensation system that prevents even the heaviest components on a vessel from moving. The Seaqualize Delta compensates for the vertical movements with minimal effort.

Looking for: partners for demonstration projects and project partners.
Contact information: or got to the website



TechBinder is an innovative company that helps offshore operators use their assets in the most efficient ways possible by combining all the available data.

Looking for: project partners.
Contact information: Bram van Den Boom or go to the website.



HYGRO produces hydrogen directly from wind energy, which makes it possible to produce twice as much energy per square kilometre at sea at a lower cost than electricity.

Looking for: project partners and policymakers.
Contact information: go to the website.



Kitepower is a leading start-up in Airborne Wind Energy (AWE), developing innovative and cost-effective alternatives to existing wind turbines. Kitepower's patented technology uses up to 90% less material and presents as a good alternative for conventional wind turbines with the same power output.

Looking for: project partners. 
Contact information: or go to the website.



Qlayers has developed an integrated system to automatically apply coatings on wind turbine blades and wind towers, increasing the coating operations' efficiency, speed and safety. Moreover, they are developing a unique technology to apply a smooth transition-surface coating, between the leading-edge protection sticker and the blade surface to improve the efficiency of wind turbine blades.

Looking for: wind farm project developers, technology providers, investors.
ContactgegevensSimon Gamme (+32 486 20 43 26) or go to the website


Tree Composites

Tree Composites develops a composite joint for offshore structures as an alternative to traditional welded joints that drastically decreases the amount of steel typically used in structures.

Looking for: partners for demonstration projects.
Contact information: Maxim Segeren or go to the website



FLASC's patented technology stores energy using seawater and compressed air, addressing supply-demand mismatch by safely providing the flexibility to deliver renewable power on demand

Op zoek naar: partners for demonstration and R&D projects.
Contact informationDaniel Buhagiar (+31 6 25 34 19 65) or go to the website



Hyfloat aims to use the volume in floating wind turbine platforms for hydrogen production and storage and thereby provide a reliable hydrogen supply.

Looking for: developers of novel offshore structures, and early-stage investors.
Contact information: Jamie Frew (+31 6 26 87 33 45) or go to the website.


Ocean Grazer

Ocean Battery is an environmentally friendly utility-scale energy storage system for offshore wind farms.

Looking for: wind farm project developers, technology providers, investors.
Contact information: Frits Bliek (+31 6 11 86 98 36) or go to the website



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