Offshore Wind SME

The TKI Wind op Zee develops various activities for SME entrepreneurs.


Innovatielink supports SMEs in the offshore wind sector in dealing with questions and obstacles on their way to market. They offer clear and concrete business advice and help to find the 'launching customer'.

The tools they have already developed are:

  • The Financial Atlas: Contact information for more than 200 financing partners for your innovation. Additionally, information about subsidies, public schemes, credit, and investments can be found here.
  • The Innovation Atlas: Information about more than 200 innovation partners to help with Housing, Pilot Locations, Technical Knowledge, and Network. It is also possible to search on the map.

In short: InnovatieLink matches innovation supply and demand.

Find out more about InnovatieLink.

Your contact person for offshore wind is Martin Weissmann. You can contact him via mail.

Innovation Brokers

Are you an offshore wind SME entrepreneur? The TKI Wind op Zee has made funds available to assist in hiring an Innovation Broker. 50% of the Innovation Broker fees can be reimbursed, to a maximum of 10,000 euros. Find out more.

MIT Scheme

This subsidy scheme applies specifically to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Find out more

Pioneering SMEs

In this section the TKI Wind op Zee provides a glimpse into the world of an SME entrepreneur in the offshore wind industry trying to bring a groundbreaking innovation to market. This section is provided in cooperation with Innovation link.

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