Cost Reduction of Offshore Wind

Report: Research into the cost reduction breakdown for offshore wind

This report is a calculation of the new standard cost levels (after Borssele I & II). The TKI Wind op Zee commissioned this report in order to understand and explain the cost breakthrough. This report provides an overview of the causes and breakdown of the cost reductions to date, with the year 2010 used as a baseline.


Report: Cost Reduction Options for Offshore Wind in the Netherlands

This research was carried out by PwC and DNV GL, with assistance from Ecofys; it was commissioned by TKI Wind op Zee. In the study PwC and DNV GL, conclude that the targeted cost reduction is feasible since the cost-reduction potential in 2020 is 46%, which exceeds the target of 40%. Only the largest cost-reduction categories were taken into account in this study. The potential is likely higher when smaller categories are included.

The report can be downloaded here.