Innovation Program TKI Wind op Zee

The TKI Wind op Zee Program, through cooperation in research, development and demonstration, aims to:

  • facilitate offshore wind energy to provide a large contribution to the energy transition by means of cost reduction and optimization, integration in the energy system, and spatial integration;
  • increase the contribution of the Dutch offshore wind industry to the implementation of offshore wind in Netherlands;
  • strengthen their competitive position in the international export market.

With cost reduction, we mean the reduction of the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE). Reduction of the LCoE can be achieved by lowering the costs (for example capital expenditures, operational expenditures, financing costs) or by increasing income (energy production, value).

Connection to Societal Challenge Energy & CO2

The energy transition focuses on the societal challenge Energy & CO2: the change to a CO2-reduced, reliable, and affordable energy supply. The TKI Wind op Zee program supports this with the following themes:


Affordable requires cost reduction and optimisation:

Despite the recent cost reduction for offshore wind, the focus on cost reduction through innovation with the aim to further reduce the societal costs, new locations and external risks remain of interest. In addition, the costs for integration in the energy system (e.g. energy storage) will increase. Innovation focuses on optimization & acceleration and also on new technology & materials.

Reliable requires integration in the energy system:

Large-scale generation of offshore wind power means that integration in the energy system becomes more and more important. Topics such as chain alignment, forecasting, balancing, storage and conversion, interconnection, the offshore grid, grid-supporting services (ancillary services) are of importance.

CO2-reduced energy supply requires a focus on the environment:

The energy transition requires a large contribution of offshore wind energy. This affects the ecology and use of space offshore, both restrictive and strengthening. Collaboration with other users on the North Sea and the interaction between technology and ecology are subjects for research and innovation.

The Program defines a balanced portfolio of activities and topics, each contributing to one or more of the links discovery, development, demonstration and deployment of the innovation chain. A laboratory or a demonstration environment is essential in order to realise some of the innovations. Special attention goes to demonstration facilities for that reason.

The TKI Wind op Zee Program supports several topics within the themes mentioned above. Those topics are described in more detail:

  1. Support Structures (including Floating)
  2. Wind Turbines and Wind Farms
  3. Internal Electrical Network and Connection to the High-Voltage Network
  4. Transport, Installation and Logistics
  5. Operation and Maintenance (including End of Life)
  6. Offshore Wind and its Environment

Program 2018 - 2019

You can download the program here

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