MIT-Scheme (SME Innovation Promoting Region and Topsectors)



Innovative SMEs could apply for a subsidy in 2019 through the SME Innovation Stimulation Scheme Topsectors (MKB Innovatiestimuleringsregeling Topsectoren). This subsidy scheme was closed in September 2019. Nothing has been published about this subsidy scheme in relation to 2020.

The following MIT tools were included:

  • Knowledge Vouchers: a ' voucher ' with which an SME entrepreneur can have a knowledge question answered by a knowledge-based institution.
  • Innovation Consultation Projects: obtain knowledge from a knowledge institute or an independent consultancy
  • Feasibility Projects: mapping technical and economic risks and opportunities for the desired innovation path
  • R&D Cooperation Projects: sharing knowledge with independent partners for improving products, production processes or services

A subsidy may apply for an entrepreneur for a maximum of one tool.


Please note that in case of conflict, the official information found on the RVO website is authoritative.


Find out more on the RVO website. (Dutch)


Questions about MIT-Scheme?

Do you already have questions, are you looking for cooperation partners, or would you like to submit your innovation question or project, please contact client service contact: 088 042 42 42.