Demonstration Energy and climate Innovation (DEI+) 2020



The DEI+ scheme is meant for pilots and demonstration projects aiming at the reduction of CO2 in 2030. Including the flexibilisation of the electricity system and optimal use of the energy landscape.

The regulation focusses on the following 7 themes:

  1. Energy Innovation
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Renewable Energy (including flexibilisation of the energy system)
  4. Local infrastructure
  5. CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage)
  6. Other CO2 reduction methods
  7. Homes, buildings and residential areas without natural gas

Find out more about the themes of DEI+ 2020 (in Dutch). 

Two types of projects are distinguished:

Pilot projects


  • O&O: experimental development
  • Testing of innovative CO2-reducing measurements in environments that are performing under real conditions
  • Often the developer is in the lead
  • Criterium is the international state of the art for research and technique.

Demonstration projects


  • Investment subsidy (physical assets)
  • Demonstration of new technology or new applications (by an end-user)
  • Permanent installation



Target Projects:

Demonstratieprojecten op het gebied van energieopwekking en energiebesparing


Higher TRLs

Tender Systeem:

Order of entry




Tender open

Tender closes

DEI+ 2020

€ 86,1 million

15 January 2020

7 January 2021 17.00 hours

Please note that in case of conflict, the official information found on the RVO website is leading.


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Mapped DEI Projects

Have a look at the interactive map with DEI-projects of entrepreneurs who previously received a DEI subsidy.