Pile Installation Optimization Tool (WIIP)

The coming years a large number of piles will be hammered into the seabed in Europe and the rest of the world as part of the realization of offshore wind energy. Pile driving has been studied for many years and well-proven procedures are in place (Fischer, 2013). Not yet introduced though is pile installation optimization during pile driving via an (optionally real-time) optimizer tool.

Project objective
The aim of the PILOT WIIP is to study the requirements and functionality of the Pile Installation Optimization (PILOT) Tool. The three main aspects of optimization are pile driveability, fatigue damage evolution and noise levels without jeopardizing pile bearing capacity.

Short description of activities
In this WIIP the requirements and functionality of the anticipated PILOT tool are studied and concluded based on a consensus within the project consortium in this WIIP. The study comprises a literature survey, an assessment and a workshop of the functionality of a PILOT tool, and are commendation on further R&D to come to an effective PILOT tool.

The result of the WIIP is both a consensus on the requirements and functionality of the PILOT tool and a recommendation on further R&D to come to the PILOT tool. These are the starting point for a larger project, in which additional relevant stakeholders are invited to participate.