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Relevant organisations
An energetic Odyssey (IABR) An energetic journey; The crucial role of the North Sea in energy transition
FME Dutch's largest business organisation in the technological industry (Dutch) 

Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE)

Association of exporters who serve interests of the Dutch wind energy companies abroad and- knowledge institutes

Informatiehuis Marien (IHM)

A platform for finding and sharing data about the North Sea (Dutch)

IRO Dutch association of suppliers and service providers in the oil and gas industry

Nederlandse Wind Energie Associatie (NWEA)

The Netherlands Wind Energy Association 

ODE Dutch Association for Decentral Energy 
Offshore Wind Innovators The first community for pioneers, offering practical solutions for business challenges 
Oude Bibliotheek Academy Technical education for employers in the offshore energy industry 
Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) Supports Dutch business, with subsidies, business partners, knowledge and regulations. In case of renewable, agricultural, innovative and international business 
SEASTAR Alliance Offshore wind alliance between several northern European countries 

The European umbrella organisation for national wind energy associations 


Relevant websites
Offshore wind energy Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) website about offshore wind energy Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) website about wind energy
Education (teaching materials)

Web page with information about wind energy for an assignment or presentation

(Additional information: an 8 MW wind turbine can provide energy for about 10.000 households)

Klokhuis TV episode about the construction of an offshore wind farm (Dutch)
Willem Wever Episode: To how many houses does a wind turbine give energy? (Dutch) This educational module is about energy, renewable energy and wind energy in particular and is developed for students grades 4 through 6
Education (partnerships with educations)
Jet-Net Youth and Technology Network Netherlands, joint initiative of companies, secondary (pre-college) schools and government
TechNet Here companies and schools work on challenging and stimulating technology education (Dutch)
TecWijzer Valuable interaction between schools and companies about science and technology (Dutch)
Agenda offshore wind events TKI Wind op Zee
Overview of wind energy events NWEA
International opportunities and grants for research
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Offshore wind farms in the Netherlands
Gemini offshore windpark Operational since 2016, also see films of Gemini
Prinses Amaliawindpark Operational since 2007
Windpark Eneco Luchterduinen Operational since 2015
Windpark Noordzeewind Operational since 2007
Research in the field of offshore wind in the Netherlands
FLOW Joint research program of wind farms far offshore and at great depths 
GROW The acronym GROW stands for "Growth through Research, development & demonstration in Offshore Wind" which is a Research, Development and Demonstration programme that is being carried out by a consortium of approximately 20 leading companies
Overview of Dutch wind energy research and education in the Netherlands Overview of Dutch wind energy research 
We@Sea Offshore wind power research
Supply chain offshore wind 
AYOP Offers an entrance to a wealth of suppliers, maritime, logistics, sites, heliport, airport and seaports for innovative solutions in offshore energy
Energy Port Zeeland Supports with settling in the province of Zeeland
Ports Overview of Dutch ports 
Holland Clean Energy Guide Overview of many high-quality Dutch companies in the renewable energy sector
Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) Helps to provide an insight into investment opportunities in the Netherlands 
NNOW Network organisation active in the area or want to become active in offshore wind energy Overview of many high-quality Dutch companies in the offshore wind sector