TKI Wind op Zee

Offshore energy generation is an essential component for a successful transition to an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system in the Netherlands. The TKI Wind op Zee stimulates the development of offshore innovations through research, development and demonstrations in order to enable offshore energy to make a significant contribution to the energy transition.

We can help you with:

Innovation program

This program is in line with the MMIP 1 (Multi-year Mission-oriented Innovation Program) that focuses on renewable electricity at sea. It focuses on three themes: cost reduction and optimisation, energy system integration and integration into the environment. Find out more about the innovation program.


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Sharing knowledge

Every year, TKI Wind op Zee publishes research studies carried out in collaboration with third parties. Find an overview of recent publications here.

Support in financing

The government stimulates activities that take place within the TKI Wind op Zee program by making subsidies available, carried out by the RVO. Find out more about relevant subsidy schemes.


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