TKI Wind op Zee

Offshore Wind (Wind op Zee) is essential for a successful energy transition in the Netherlands. To this end TKI Wind op Zee (Top consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Offshore Wind) facilitates research, development, demonstration, valorisation, knowledge transfer, (international) collaboration, education and market development towards maximizing the cost reduction and economic impact related to offshore wind. Offshore wind energy can account for up to 50% of the electricity supply by 2030, even if the electricity demand would prove to increase sharply.

Various projects and Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) are taking place within the TKI Wind op Zee program. Look for an overview of unique projects in our project overview.

Project in the Spotlight: Gentle Driving of Piles


Currently, monopiles are mostly driven into the seabed by hydraulic impact piling (hammering). This causes too much noise during driving and each hammer blow has a high impact on the monopile. Offshore wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger and the size of the monopiles also grows. These huge piles need to be driven into the ground for a significant part of their length. Organization and execution of this process are challenging, time-consuming and costly. And above this, noise emitted by pile driving and the disturbance of soil will increase. So, developing a new technology of pile driving is necessary.

Do you want to know more? Find out more about our project Gentle Driving of Piles (GDP).