TKI Wind op Zee

Offshore wind energy (Wind op Zee) is essential for a successful energy transition in the Netherlands. To this end, the TKI Wind op Zee (Top consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Offshore Wind) boosts and facilitates offshore wind innovation in collaboration with RVO through research, development, and demonstrations. Aiming to allow offshore wind energy to make a major contribution to the energy transition.

The TKI Wind op Zee Innovation Program is directly in line with the Multi-annual Mission-driven Innovation Program 1 (MMIP1) focusing on the societal challenge 'Energy transition and sustainability: the switch to an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy supply. The focus is on three themes: 

  • Cost reduction and optimization;
  • Integration into the energy system;
  • Integration into the environment.

Thereby increasing the contribution of the Dutch offshore wind industry to the implementation of offshore wind in and outside of the Netherlands and strengthening the competitive position of companies in the international export market. Want to find out more?  Read here about the innovation program of the TKI Wind op Zee.

Various projects and Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) run within this program. Look for an overview of these unique projects in our project overview.

Project in the Spotlight: SAWOP  

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