TKI Urban Energy Innovation Programme

Testing and submitting new project ideas

Ideas for new projects that fit in with the programme lines described below can always be submitted via @email, even if there is no tender procedure currently taking place. Experience has shown that designing projects often takes longer than expected, so the earlier an idea can receive feedback, the better. We can also help you consider alternative sources for grants, which could be more beneficial in terms of time or conditions, if we are in touch regarding your project idea. We have four content experts in our team. The person you receive a response from depends on your project’s subject. It’s convenient to use the form when submitting a project idea. This has been designed to be especially useful when refining the idea. It’s not a big problem if not all the details are known at an early stage, but it does help when considering issues together and providing feedback.

Five programme lines

Solar power technologies (PV): wafer-based crystalline silicon, thin-film and hybrid PV technologies, and system components and services. Ambitions: cut production costs, increase conversion efficiencies, and develop innovative products and services at PV system level. >>> read more

Heating and cooling installations: heat pumps and output, solar collectors, ventilation, geothermal storage, integration of components. Ambitions: to increase energy-efficiency and cost-efficiency, comfort and health, ease of installation, and compactness. >>> read more

Multifunctional components for utility buildings, residential buildings, and civil infrastructures. Ambitions: further development of sustainable, energy-producing and energy-saving components, with integration of functions such as insulation, generation, output, storage, ventilation, daylight, building construction, etc. >>> read more

Flexible energy infrastructure: tools for design and redesign, monitoring and control, LT thermal grids, geothermal generation and storage, and information and data management. Ambitions: insights into and optimization of costs and expenses, insights into the condition, flexible components, controllable faults and investments for a sustainable energy supply. >>> read more

Energy control systems and services: self-learning, intelligent control systems and services, use of storage, price mechanisms. Ambitions: optimization of generation, storage, and use, including electric transportation, taking health and comfort into account alongside energy-saving and increasing system flexibility with storage technologies and dynamic energy calculations. >>> read more