TKI Urban Energy Innovation Programme

The energy transition in the Netherlands places high demands on the innovation capacity of companies, research institutes and other parties involved. That is why innovation has been identified as an essential theme in the Dutch national Climate Agreement. TKI Urban Energy contributes to this task by developing innovation programs and supporting parties in (setting up) innovation projects.

TKI Urban Energy is working on four Multi-year Mission-Driven Innovation Programmes (MMIPs). These programmes aim to stimulate the development of innovations that are needed on various themes surrounding the built environment:

Testing and submitting new project ideas

If you have promising ideas for a new innovation project that fits within our innovation programme, we would be glad to offer you our support. You can fill in a project idea form (please note: the form is in Dutch) and submit this via @email. This form is set up in such a way that it helps to sharpen your ideas. It is not a problem if certain things are still unclear, which may be the case at an early stage, though by being as specificly as possible, you help us to think along and provide the feedback you need. We can also help you consider alternative sources for grants, which could be more beneficial in terms of time or conditions regarding your project idea.