TKI Urban Energy

TKI Urban Energy stimulates the development of innovations for a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system in the built environment. Under the banner of Energy Innovation NL, TKI Urban Energy supports innovators in forming partnerships with small businesses, larger companies, research institutes, universities, potential customers and other stakeholders active in the energy innovation sector. We are committed to a carbon neutral built environment in The Netherlands by 2050.

Innovation is essential to achieve the fast-paced, large-scale transformations to a more sustainable built environment. TKI Urban Energy contributes to this by:

  • forming innovation programmes on several topics;
  • guiding consortia with innovation projects, from idea to the implementation phase;
  • sharing knowledge on innovation developments from The Netherlands and abroad;
  • helping to scale up promising projects and bringing them faster to the market.

Over 450 innovation projects have been started in the last few years, on topics ranging from solar power technology, reduction in energy consumption, sustainable heating and cooling systems, and smart IT solutions.

If you have promising ideas for a new innovation project that fits within our innovation programme, we would be glad to offer you our support. Let us evaluate your project idea and its suitability for grants or subsidies, come talk to us to learn about new developments, or visit one of our (mostly Dutch spoken) events to join the discussion and get in touch with fellow innovators and potential partners.