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Binnen de Topsector Energie lopen inmiddels meer dan 1200 projecten. Op deze pagina een selectie uit die projecten. Ze laten zien aan welke innovaties bedrijven en kennisinstellingen werken. Innovaties zijn nodig voor de versnelling van de energietransitie.

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Borssele V: high-tech and fully operational

The Borssele Wind Farm Site V, part of a new sustainable energy zone, consists of two turbines and is now fully operational.


Noise Mitigation System: the future standard noise reduction method for offshore pile driving?

The Noise Mitigation System is a new system to reduce noise during offshore pile driving.


Lower uncertainties for North Sea offshore wind energy with accurate wind information

The Dutch Offshore Wind Atlas (DOWA) provides accurate wind information at the North Sea for offshore wind energy use.


Sustainable monopile decommissioning, one step closer to circularity

The Hydraulic Pile Extraction – Scale Tests (HyPE-ST) project aimed at both the fundamental understanding and the demonstration of the feasibility of hydraulically extracting monopiles for decommis

Gentle Driving of Piles Demonstration Site

Twist the cork and it becomes thinner

Currently, monopiles are mostly driven into the seabed by hydraulic impact piling (hammering). This causes too much noise during driving and each hammer blow has a high impact on the monopile.

Ampyx Power’s AWES (Airborne Wind Energy System)

Flying a plane like a kite

Ampyx Power’s AWES (Airborne Wind Energy System) is a tethered rigid wing drone connected to a generator on the ground.