PPP Program Allowance

Status of this subsidy instrument

In 2020 there are new possibilities for knowledges institutes and companies to use the PPP Program Allowance (‘PPS-toeslag’) from the TKI Wind op Zee for collaboration projects. 


The PPP Program Allowance is a subsidy instrument of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy to stimulate private-public partnerships. The various ‘Topconsortia voor Kennis en Innovatie’ (TKIs) receive the PPP Program Allowance and use these monetary resources for new collaboration projects. These collaboration projects may consist of non-economic activities, fundamental research, industrial research and experimental development.

Every year the PPP Program Allowance budget for the TKI Wind op Zee is based upon the height of private investments in collaboration projects in the previous year. The TKI Wind op Zee recycles a large part of the generated PPP Program Allowance back to the knowledges institutes which submitted these projects to spend on new collaboration projects. In such collaboration projects knowledge institutes and companies are always working together: companies can also contact the knowledge institutes to share ideas about potential projects. TKI Wind op Zee also uses the PPP subsidy strategically for projects that are valuable within the program or MMIP1: renewable electricity at sea.

Currently, there is an open call for a subsidy from the PPP Program Allowance. The topic: Offshore Floating Solar. Read more about the requirements for project proposals and on how to apply as an organisation or a knowledge institute.

For questions and possibilities about the usage of the PPP Program Allowance at the TKI Wind op Zee, please contact: @email. We can think along about new ideas, possible collaborators and how to use this subsidy most effectively.


Target projects

Non-economic activities, fundamental research, industrial research and experimental development

Target group

Knowledge institutes and companies

TRL level

All TRL levels


Throughout the year


Varying per year


All collaboration projects need to

  • Deal adequately with property rights;
  • Actual collaboration needs to take place;
  • The consortium should be able to hand over a written collaboration agreement;
  • The collaboration projects contribute to the Dutch knowledge economy;
  • The collaboration project fits within the TKI Wind op Zee program or MMIP1.