Pioneering SME

In this section, the TKI Wind op Zee provides a glimpse into the world of an SME entrepreneur in the offshore wind industry trying to bring groundbreaking innovation to the market. This section is set up in collaboration with Offshore Wind Innovators. 


2nd Life Composites
Dec 2021 - 2nd Life Composites is a startup that has developed a method to recycle wind turbine blades. More information.


Tree Composites
Sept 2021 - Tree Composites develops composite joints for offshore structures such as jackets as an alternative to traditional welded joints. More information.


Aug 2021 - As an IOT system integrator, start-up Techbinder ensures that the offshore wind industry can deploy its fleet much more efficient and environmentally friendly. More information.


June 2021 - Start-up SolarDuck has developed a floating offshore solar platform that can withstand hurricanes, strong currents and high waves. More information.


May 2021 - In only two years Z-Bridge has designed and marketed a fully operational Bring-to-Work system. More information.


GBM Works
Feb 2021 - GBM Works has developed a method to install monopiles in a silent and fast way that is better for sea life. More information.


Dec 2020 - Start-up FLASC has developed a hydro-pneumatic energy storage system for offshore wind turbines. More information.


Nov 2020 - Start-up Tetrahedron has designed a crane that can lift wind turbine components up to 50 meters higher than conventional cranes. More information.


Ocean Grazer
July 2020 - Ocean Grazer has developed a hydraulic battery to match the supply and demand of electricity optimally. More information.


June 2020 - TouchWind develops a completely new design for a floating wind turbine. This turbine uses a one-piece rotor that is positioned angled to the wind. . Lees meer.


April 2020 - Brand new start-up nigeQ is ready to test an innovative blade tip that eliminates vortex at the end of turbine blades. More information.


March 2020 - Hydrautrans has developed an innovative drive train for wind turbines. A modular, mechanical-hydraulic system with unprecedented efficiency is an alternative to the usual direct drives. More information.


Dec 2019 - Periplus has developed software to process the enormous bulk of seabed data, enabling the offshore wind industry to work more safely, efficiently and cheaper. More information.


Oct 2019 - MO4 has developed a fundamentally different method to determine whether it is safe to work on offshore wind farms. More information.


Sept 2019 - Seaqualize has developed an active heave compensation system that prevents even the heaviest components on a vessel to move. More information.


July 2019 - Albatrozz has developed a wind turbine technology to generate electricity at lower speeds. More information.


May 2019 - The Delft start-up Qlayers has developed a printing system that automatically and very accurately applies the coating under protected conditions. More information.


Dec 2018 - With its flange closing method, Boltlife can quickly determine whether each individual bolt has been brought to the correct load. More information.


Circular Energy
Nov 2018 - With an offshore clean power plant, Circular Energy wants to improve the use of offshore wind farms. More information.


Amphibious Energy
Sept 2018 -Start-up Amphibious Energy has developed a transportable, autonomous energy container to electrify unmanned offshore oil & gas platforms. More information.


Next Ocean
July 2018 - Start-up Next Ocean has developed a method to accurately predict, up to the minute, whether it is safe to cross from a boat to a platform and vice versa. More information.


April 2018 - Z-bridge has developed a revolutionary construction amongst all Walk to Work systems (W2W): a twenty-meter-high mast that continuously remains stationary and with an extendable walkway that presses against the wind turbine. More information.


Jules Dock
Feb 2018 - Jules Dock has designed a tower made of glass fibre reinforced plastic which is 100 meters high and 40% lighter than steel, making it easier to install. More information.


Nov 2017 - The size of turbines and the water depths for future KCI Engineering has developed an equally simple and efficient construction of conical steel rings. More information.


Pliant Offshore
Oct 2017 - Pliant Offshore has developed a measurement system to control the vertical piling of monopiles. More information.


Sept 2017 - Fibersail has developed a smart monitoring system that measures the bending accuracy and the structural behaviour of rotor blades. More information.


Sept 2017 - It can be dangerous when monopiles start moving during sea transport. TWD increases the confidence and efficiency of transport by friction measurements. More information.


April 2017 - Whiffle has developed a weather model that produces very detailed wind forecasts for each wind farm. This makes a significant difference in the imbalance costs. More information.


Feb 2017 - Fistuca has developed a pile driver that uses a falling water column to drive the monopiles for wind turbines into the seabed. More information.


Dec 2016 - There is still a lot we don't know about the behaviour of offshore monopiles. Corrosion Laboratory tries to make the corrosion of these foundations more predictable. More information.


Sept 2016 - Machine builder and cutting company HGG has adapted its own control software in such a way that the pipes for offshore wind foundations can be welded much smarter and more efficiently. More information.


July 2016 - Seastate5 has designed an installation for lifting and tilting extremely heavy offshore wind foundations. More information.


ECE Offshore
April 2016 - ECE Offshore has developed an accurate and efficient sonar monitoring system for installing cables to wind farms and other offshore installations. More information.