PhD@Sea is a research initiative to provide vision, strategy and general coordination of low TRL offshore renewable energy research in the Netherlands. It has the purpose to support a growing body of PhD level researchers to meet the future challenges within this sector. In order to meet the important fundamental research challenges posed by a rapid transition to carbon-free energy, facilitated to a large degree by offshore renewable energy sources.

PhD@Sea will provide a framework for:

  • The Dutch National Doctoral College in Offshore Renewable Energy
  • Develop and promote a network of outstanding researchers in the field of offshore renewables
  • Develop a low-TRL research agenda on offshore renewable energy that is supported by the Dutch Academic community
  • Initiate joint research projects in the field of offshore renewables

Our Ambitions

  • Organization of new PhD projects:
  • Aiming to start at least 30 PhDs per year
  • Requires commitment of government, academia and private partners
  • Review existing roadmaps, e.g.
  • ‘Long-Term Research Challenges in Wind Energy’ by the EAWE
  • National Roadmaps: TKI WOZ research agenda
  • DUWIND research program
  • Develop and maintain a joint low-TRL research agenda with Academia (and partners)

Our activities for 2018

  • Undertake review of all existing PhD research on offshore renewables nationally
  • Joint workshop involving Academia and partners
  • Agree Terms of Reference for DC
  • Establish draft plan of activities for next 5 years
  • Set up working group to determine strategic PhD research priorities for next 5 years
  • Announce national PhD conference on offshore renewable energy


  • WindDays 2018: Side event and session on the long-term R&D agenda


Do you want to become a member of PhD@sea? You can send an email to Stefanie Nuhn of the TU Delft.