The WindDays are approaching

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TKI Wind op Zee

The WindDays will take place again next week. This event is organised by NWEA and the TKI Wind op Zee and we have organised several interesting conference sessions for you. Of course, we hope to see you there.

Here you find a short introduction of the TKI Wind op Zee Sessions.

Wednesday 12 June 15.15-16.15
A debate on Off-grid offshore wind farms; is an off-grid offshore wind farm possible and do we need these kinds of solutions? And last but not least what will an off-grid energy system look like? We are joined by TNO, Nouryon, Groningen University, SBM Offshore and TenneT for an interesting discussion. Find out more (in Dutch).

Wednesday 12 June 15.15-15.45
A Master Class of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge 2019. How can we bring offshore wind innovations successful to the market? The aim of this Challenge is to  match ‘problem’ (owner) and ‘solution’ (provider). The session will present past Challenges, their participants and the results of this market driven innovation event. As well, current and future Challenges will be announced. This year Deutsche Windtechnik, Van Oord, TKI Wind op Zee and TKI Maritiem have each formulated a challenge they encounter in offshore wind. They are looking for a solution for the corrosion of bolts and nuts, stress in bolts, noise emissions during piling or CO neutral shipping. Find out more (in Dutch).

Thursday 13 June 09:30-10:30
Race to the bottom: Van Oord, SiemensGamesa Renewable Energy and Deutsche Windtechnik are invited to give their expert opinion on this topic. What has happened on innovation since 2010, and in which direction are we going? How can you guarantee a competitive price and is there a limit to cost reduction? The market is growing significantly while the competition is tough. Which technical KPIs must be achieved in 2028 to stay competitive as a company? Which essential innovation will be needed? And will this result in structural subsidy-free tendering?
Find out more (in Dutch).

Thursday 13 June 13.30-14.45
A keynote speech on offshore wind and the environment: How can we combine nature and food in a wind farm? During this session a number of speakers explain various perspectives such as the governance of various activities in one wind farm, how do you arrange that? What policy is needed? How are government and entrepreneurs working on this issue together? Find out more (in Dutch).

Furthermore, I am happy to inform you that GROW is organising a side-event at the WindDays in Rotterdam on wednesday 12 June 2019, 11.15 – 12.45 hours at the Leeuwen Room II. Are you interested in the developments in offshore wind foundations? Please be welcome at the GROW side-event on foundation innovation. During this side-event, GROW presents several new developments in the field of offshore foundations. David the Jager, director of GROW, will lead you through the program. The first (intermediate) results of three GROW projects will be presented. Find out more about the GROW side-event.