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I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer. The TKI Wind op Zee team has picked up their activities again and in the coming months we will focus on the innovation challenges we defined: continued cost reduction and optimisation, integration in the energy system of large volumes of offshore wind power and integration in the environment (ecology and multi-use).

The TKI Wind op Zee team congratulates the winners of the ‘Wind op Zee R&D Projecten tender’ of this year. There has been a serious competition and the total amount of 4.8 M€ in R&D subsidies was allocated.

The winners are:



Program line


Technische Universiteit Delft

Support structures



Wind turbines and wind farms


Universiteit Twente

Wind turbines and wind farms


Ampyx Power B.V.

Wind turbines and wind farms


Stichting Wageningen Research

Multiple use of space in offshore wind farms


Ampyx Power B.V.

Wind turbines and wind farms


innogy Renewables Benelux B.V.

Transport, installation and logistics


Stichting Wageningen Research

Improvements of ecological values of offshore wind farms


There are still other opportunities to get your R&D project supported. In this newsletter we refer to the MVI-E tender, the System Integration on the North Sea tender and the PhD@Sea call. Also the calls for Topsector Energiestudies and Hernieuwbare Energieregeling are still open.

If you are interested in R&D or innovation projects in the offshore wind energy market, let us know. The Topsector Energy and the TKI Wind op Zee can support you in finding project partners or funding for your project.

Best regards,

Bob Meijer

Furthermore, I would like to inform you on:

  • Participate in the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge?!
  • Scientific mission to Japan
  • MVI-E tender
  • System Integration on the North Sea tender
  • Matchmaking NWO-call PhD@Sea
  • Holland High Tech Autumn event 2018
  • Courses social innovation in the energy transition
  • Amphibious Energy provides oil & gas platforms with solar and wind energy
  • Traineeship attracts entrants to energy labour market


Participate in the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge?!

The Dutch offshore wind industry is recognized for its experience, expertise and innovation skills. To make offshore wind even more affordable, reliable and sustainable, game-changing innovations are necessary. That’s why Offshore Wind Innovators has taken the initiative to launch the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge!


The Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge is exclusively developed for Dutch Small medium enterprises, start-ups and students solving problems of Dutch corporates.
The aim of the challenge is to connect our Business Partners; SeaZip, TKI Wind op Zee and Gemini with entrepreneurs presenting and implementing ‘The innovative solution’ the industry is looking for.

We are looking for students, SME’s and start-ups who like to take up this challenge and come up with a bright innovative solution on one of the following topics;
Challenge 1:
The perfect fenderChallenge 2: Limit/ prevent the impact of offshore wind farms on birdsChallenge 3: On the spot oil analysisChallenge 4: Mobile bolting deviceChallenge 5: Blade inspection at night

What’s in it for me?

Exposure at the Dutch Offshore wind market and direct entrance to potential clients.

Deadline application: 10 September 2018
3rd week of September
Bootcamp with experts:
final week of October
Announcement Winners during the Offshore Wind Innovators Event:
November 2018

How do I apply?

At the website of Offshore Wind Innovators, you can find the link to apply per challenge.

Let’s innovate!

A Scientific mission to Japan

Minister Van Engelshoven, (Education, Culture and Science) will go on a scientific mission to Japan in October. The direct cause is the ‘Science and Technology in Society Forum’ in Kyoto (7 to 9 October). If you want to be informed about the program, please contact the Programme Officer at NWO (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) Marcel Hoek.

MVI-E tender

The Subsidy Scheme Socially-Responsible Innovative Energy (Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Innoveren Energie (MVI Energie)) supports promising innovations accounting for the ethical and social aspects of the innovation at an early stage.

MVI Energie addresses the acceptance of innovations and related changes to our social system. The scheme is targeted at research into:

  • Energy Technology in practice and dealing with resistance
  • Cooperating related to energy innovation within the wind energy supply chain
  • User-driven prototyping of energy innovations

Find out more on the RVO website. (in Dutch)

System Integration on the North Sea tender

Integration into the energy system is increasingly of importance as a result of the large-scale development of renewable energy, such as offshore wind energy. Issues such as value-chain alignment, forecasting, balancing, storage and conversion, interconnection, the offshore grid and ancillary services play a significant role. Both technology as well as market models are the subject of the research.

The aim of research and development projects within this program is the development of new components, products, tools and services that enable the integration of large quantities of offshore wind power in the energy system at low societal costs.

Find out more (in Dutch)

Matchmaking NWO-call PhD@Sea

TKI Wind op Zee and NWO are organising a matchmaking event on the NWO-call PhD@Sea. This call will focus on “design and operations of future offshore wind farms” and will be an open call for proposals (for PhD projects). The programmatic scope is currently elaborated by a Writing Committee consisting of 7 scientists with a multi-disciplinary background and will be shared with participants to the meeting 2 – 3 weeks upfront.

Aim of meeting

The NWO budget for this program is M€ 1.5 and 30% co-financing (in cash/ in kind) is required. The meeting aims to attract sufficient private sector co-funding at programme level, in total we are aiming for k€ 600 in cash.

Participants include people from TKI Wind op Zee, NWO, the Writing Committee, and interested private parties.

Venue & Registration

The meeting will take place on October 16, from 12:30 – 17:00 at NWO Utrecht, Van Vollenhovenlaan 659-661, Utrecht.

Please register for this meeting by sending an email to the Programme Officer Research & Industry at NWO Bram Borkent.

Holland High Tech Autumn event 2018

19 September 2018, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Discover new possibilities for collaboration in the field of health, safety, mobility, sustainability and climate at the Holland High Tech autumn event. Meet researchers and technicians from companies, universities and research institutes and government representatives.

Find out more (in Dutch)

Courses social innovation in the energy transition

Are you committed to energy innovations that contribute to the realization of the energy transition? Do you recognize that often the technology and the business case of energy innovations have been well thought through, but that less progress is made in projects due to resistance or lack of involvement? 'Social innovation' helps you to put proven theories about the behaviour of people into practice.

With the 'MVI-E Skills Lab' in the autumn of 2018, the Topsector Energie offers a series of courses in the area of social innovation. They aim at people working on innovative projects or who contribute to the energy transition. Especially for people with a specialist background (technology, policy, legal, financial), who realize that a project only succeeds when the social conditions are in place and struggle to realize this.

Find out more (only available in Dutch)

Amphibious Energy provides oil & gas platforms with solar and wind energy

Pioneering SME

Started early 2017
Employees: 3 staff and 2 permanent contractors

Start-up Amphibious Energy has developed a transportable, autonomous energy container to electrify unmanned offshore oil & gas platforms. The EnergyPod is powered by a unique combination of an innovative offshore wind turbine and solar panels. Batteries guarantee a twelve-day backup supply. It is a cost-effective and, above all, environmental friendly alternative to diesel generators. At the Maasvlakte 2, Amphibious Energy has found the ideal location to test, demonstrate and produce the compact system.

Read the full interview with CEO Willem van der Merwe here.

Image source: Amphibious Energy

Traineeship attracts entrants to energy labour market

As we all know - due to the energy transition - there is a growing demand for professionals in the energy sector. However, today’s graduates who want to work in the energy sector often do not have a preference for a specific job, but are more interested in a sector-wide traineeship.

To align with this preference, the company Talent voor Transitie offers recent graduates a traineeship with three different positions in two years at different companies and organisations in the energy sector. Additionally, it also provides a training program focused on personal development and project management.

Over the past eight months, Yanniek Huisman has joined the TKI Wind op Zee team via this traineeship and he will be succeeded by Gabriëlle Smith.

Also interested in young talent? Find out more (in Dutch)

For your information

  • PWC Report: The economic contribution offshore wind energy: The Dutch offshore wind energy sector: a contribution of approximately € 2 billion and 6.400 FTE in 2017. Mostly driven by a strong offshore and maritime cluster. Read the report (in Dutch)


  • Holland High Tech Najaars Event: 17 September 2018,'s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Find out more (only in Dutch)
  • Floating Wind Power Atlantic Forum 2018: 19 September 2018, Brest, France. Find out more
  • WindEurope 2018 Conference at the Global Wind Summit: 25 - 28 September 2018, Hamburg, Germany. Find out more
  • Werkconferentie Topsector Energie:  4 October 2018, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The region as a dynamic playing field in the energy transition. Find out more (only available in Dutch)
  • MARIN software seminar on Hydrodynamic ship design, Offshore engineering, Simulation and training: 11 October 2018, Wageningen, The Netherlands. Find out more
  • Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2018: (22,) 23 and 24 October 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Bob Meijer will give a presentation on the success of Dutch innovations of the industry and the involvement in global developments of offshore wind given the fact of the foreseen roll out of offshore wind. Find out more

 Please take a look at more wind energy events here.