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Dear all,

This week we have received the news on the winner of the first offshore wind tender without financial government contribution: Nuon-Vattenfall will build the Hollandse Kust Zuid I and II wind farm. The 700 - 760 MW wind farm is expected to be operational in 2022. An achievement that even we did not expect when the TKI Wind op Zee program started in 2013. Cost reduction has been the focus of R&D programs for years and a combination between innovation and the government policy have made these cost reductions possible. And cost reduction remains important with the new ambitions for the coming years. The work continues!

And for the R&D program there is good news; The new innovation subsidy regulations of in total 130 million euro have been published in the Government Gazette (Staatscourant). A large part is available for offshore wind related innovation and gives an important and necessary impulse to R&D projects.

The transition to a low carbon energy system requires a jump in scale of offshore wind capacity. This can only be achieved when we increase our innovation efforts on further cost reduction, but also on zero-maintenance concepts and a complete new level of health and safety, integration in the energy system and the offshore environment.

In 2018 the Topsector Energie and the TKI Wind op Zee once again offer, together with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), a range of subsidies to support your offshore wind R&D and innovative projects. The most important ones for our sector are:

In addition, another important subsidy instrument concerning System Integration on the North Sea (Systeemintegratie op de Noordzee) will be published later this year. We will keep you informed.

On the RVO website you can find an overview of all subsidy instruments. (only available in Dutch).

For questions related to the subsidy instruments, you can contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO): 088 042 42 42 or via this form (Dutch).

SME entrepreneurs can also contact InnovationLink. The contact person for offshore wind is Martin Weissmann.

For questions about the R&D program, setting up an R&D consortium, organising your R&D project and the possibilities of receiving a subsidy for you R&D research, you can contact the TKI Wind op Zee via mail.

Best regards,

Bob Meijer


Furthermore, I would like to inform you on:

  • WindDays 2018
  • MOCE: On air talkshow in cooperation with CAREER


Join us at the WindDays 2018

13 and 14 June 2018, Rotterdam

The conference on onshore and offshore wind energy in The Netherlands. This year the theme of the event is: Wind: Europe’s future energy supply. All the relevant themes and challenges for both on- and offshore wind will be discussed.
Find out more about the conference program. Do you want to raise your company profile by being a sponsor or exhibitor? Have a look how this powerful platform can maximize your marketing efforts.

We hope to see you there!

The WindDays, an initiative of the TKI Wind op Zee and NWEA.


MOCE: On air talkshow in cooperation with CAREER

28 March 2018, Rotterdam

Offshore wind plays an important role during the twelfth edition of the Maritime & Offshore Career Event (MOCE). 

'Wind at sea: jumping board for progress'

The ON AIR talkshow: 'Wind at sea: jumping board for progress' is organised in cooperation with CAREER (an initiative of TKI Wind op Zee, NWEA and Centre of Expertise Water & Energy). At Community Square, moderator Jan Versteegh will lead the discussion with wind professionals – from student to teacher and from starter to senior – about developments in wind, how those contribute to a cleaner energy supply and sustainable progress, including your own progress for your career.

Offshore wind also plays an important role in the conference program. During the case study 'logistics of wind turbine installation' that Van Oord presents, participants are challenged to think about the logistical solutions that come with installing offshore wind turbines.


For your information

  • Join the briefing about (an upcoming mission to) Canada: 23 March 2018, Antwerp, Belgium. Find out more



  • Webinar on regulations Hydrogen and Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS): 27 March 2018: Find out more in Dutch
  • Maritime & Offshore Career Event (MOCE): 28 March 2018, The Netherlands. Find out more
  • MVI - E Skills Lab | Training 3 & 4: Stakeholder- en conflictmanagement | Creëren van win-win-win: 10 April 2018, Amsterdam. Find out more in Dutch
  • Het Nationaal Windenergie Event 2018: 12 April 2018, Arnhem, The Netherlands (only in Dutch). Find out more
  • Floating Offshore Wind Turbines 2018 conference: 25 - 26 April 2018, Marseille, France. Find out more
    • International Matchmaking: 25 - 26 April 2018, Marseille, France. Find out more
  • BlueWeek Rotterdam: 28 - 30 May 2018, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Find out more
  • WindDays 2018: 13 - 14 June 2018, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Find out more

Please take a look at more wind energy events here.


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