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Dear all,

TKI Wind op Zee congratulates Two Towers B.V., a consortium consisting of Van Oord Renewable Finance, Investri Offshore and Green Giraffe Holding with their successful bid for the innovation site Borssele V. The consortium will demonstrate various innovations such as eco-design scour protection that stimulates the formation of oyster beds and improve the ecosystem of the North Sea as well as the application of a slip joint connection between monopile and transition piece.  

Offshore demonstration of new technology is a key element in the innovation process. Already in 2015 the TKI Wind op Zee has taken the initiative for an offshore demonstration site. In 2017 it was agreed that this would be implemented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and RVO with the tender for Borssele V.

The TKI Wind op Zee is already working on new test and demonstration facilities for the future. If you are interested, please let us know.

Best regards,

Bob Meijer



Furthermore, I would like to inform you on:

  • Far offshore floating Airborne Wind Energy Systems possible and competitive
  • Several tenders 2018 are open
  • MIT Scheme opens April 17th 2018


Far offshore floating Airborne Wind Energy Systems possible and competitive

Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) developer Ampyx Power published a report with the results of a research into the offshore floating application of their system.

The cost of offshore wind power increases significantly with water depth, due to the increased foundation costs either bottom-fixed or floating. Due to its much smaller overturning moments, Ampyx Power AWES, that generates electricity from wind using an aircraft flying 500m high, could be deployed on relatively small anchored floating platforms, allowing economical deployment of AWES in places where deployment of conventional offshore wind turbines is economically or technically impossible.

Research to and development of future technologies is a necessity to be able to provide in the future electricity demand. The results of the Sea Air Farm project of Ampyx Power (a TKI Wind op Zee sponsored project) are an important element in this research and provides insights into a new way of generating wind energy.

Find out more



Several tenders 2018 are open

In 2018 the Topsector Energie and the TKI Wind op Zee once again offer, together with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), a range of subsidies to support your offshore wind R&D and innovative projects. The most important ones for our sector are:

On the RVO website, you can find an overview of all subsidy instruments. (only available in Dutch).

For questions related to the subsidy instruments, you can contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO): 088 042 42 42 or via this form (Dutch).

SME entrepreneurs can also contact InnovationLink. Your contact person for offshore wind is Martin Weissmann.

For questions about the R&D program, setting up an R&D consortium, organising your R&D project and the possibilities of receiving a subsidy for you R&D research, you can contact the TKI Wind op Zee via mail.


MIT Scheme opens April 17th 2018

The MIT Scheme (SME Innovation Promoting Region and Topsectors) opens on April 17th 2018.

Innovative SMEs can apply for this subsidy. The following MIT tools are included:

  • Knowledge Vouchers: a ' voucher ' with which an SME entrepreneur can have a knowledge question answered by a knowledge-based institution.
  • Feasibility Projects: mapping technical and economic risks and opportunities for the desired innovation path
  • TKI Innovation Brokers

Find out more (only available in Dutch)


For your information

  • Career Update out now: Navingo presents the first edition of ‘Career Update’; a responsive magazine developed for the marine, offshore and energy industry. It is the successor of the ‘Maritieme & Offshore Carrièrekrant’. The Career Update informs you on the latest (Career) developments in the industry. Check out the first edition.




  • Workshop 12 April 2018 - Offshore Wind Farm deployment in the Netherlands: 12 April 2018, Den Haag, The Netherlands. Find out more
  • Het Nationaal Windenergie Event 2018: 12 April 2018, Arnhem, The Netherlands (only in Dutch). Find out more
  • Floating Offshore Wind Turbines 2018 conference: 25 - 26 April 2018, Marseille, France. Find out more
    • International Matchmaking: 25 - 26 April 2018, Marseille, France. Find out more
  • Masterclass Finance: 17 May 2018, Delft, The Netherlands. For SME’s looking to finance their innovations - Buucaneer Delft!  Find out more
  • BlueWeek Rotterdam: 28 - 30 May 2018, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Find out more
  • WindDays 2018: 13 - 14 June 2018, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Find out more
  • Investors Day: 21 June 2018. Matchmaking SME’s and investors Find out more 

 Please take a look at more wind energy events here.


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