Third Offshore Wind Innovators Challenge starts in september

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Illustration: example - Ecoliner Farwind

After the success of the first two Innovation Challenges, Offshore Wind Innovators starts with a new Challenge in september 2019. 

The goal of this challenge is to accelerate applied innovations in the offshore wind industry. The challenge has started with a call for companies to share their technical challenge. Challenges or problems faced during the development, installation, operations & maintenance or decommissioning phase.

This call produced two challenges. The first focusses on CO2 neutral shipping and is initiated by TKI Wind op Zee and TKI Maritiem, the second focusses on noice reduction and is initiated by van Oord. 

CO2 neutral shipping for offshore wind: CTVs or SOV - TKI Wind op Zee and TKI Maritiem

It is the ambition to have a CO2 free energy system. This implies that also the manufacturing, construction, operations and decommissioning of the offshore wind farms should also be CO2 neutral. One of the elements in CO2 emissions related to the offshore wind farms during the life cycle is shipping. This includes large installation vessels as well as smaller crew transfer vessels.

This challenge aims to generate concepts for CO2 neutral shipping with the Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) or Service Operations Vessels (SOVs) in the offshore wind sector. We expect to see ideas for the development of these vessels that will be evaluated on CO2 footprint, cost, addressable market and time to market.

The price for this challenge is funding of up to €25.000 for a preliminary investigation into the design of the vessel. This funding is based on TKI PPP Allowance and must comply to the associated regulations. An important aspect is that this should be collaborative R&D including a Dutch knowledge institute. Another important aspect is the requirement for a private funding counter for the project.

More information on PPP allowance

Optimize Pressure Control to reduce noise emissions at sea – van Oord

This challenge focusses on noise emission reduction at sea during Offshore piling by optimizing the pressure control of an air bubble screen, which is both robust and cost-effective. With a specific focus on the nozzles; how can we control the size, amount, and pressure of the bubbles by the design of the nozzles?

Find more information about Offshore Wind Innovators and both challenges here.