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The offshore wind industry faces a unique challenge; to construct one of the largest infrastructural developments in Dutch history. To give this development an extra push we have to make offshore wind even more affordable, reliable and sustainable, by accelerating technical innovation and implementing it into the offshore market. The innovations will give offshore wind a better position in the energy system, both in the Netherlands and internationally. The Netherlands are known for their strong innovation skills and knowledge and experience in the wind and offshore industry. That’s why Offshore Wind Innovators network has taken the initiative to launch the second edition of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge.

This May the second edition of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenges (OWIC) will kick off with the goal to accelerate applied innovations in the offshore wind market. Every innovation starts with a challenge and this is where we need your help.

Does your organization face technical challenges in offshore wind? Challenges during the development, installation, operations and maintenance or the decommissioning  phase? If so, we challenge you to share our Innovation Challenge and let our network of SME’s and start-ups come with innovative solutions ready to use within 6 months.

Therefore we would like to invite you to:

sign up now

as Business Partner of

the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge 2019!


What’s in it for your organization?

  • Technical Innovation
  • Media attention
  • Participating in a rapid but qualitative high innovation process
  • A solution & extra pair of brains to overcome your technical challenges
  • New Business collaborations with startups outside your scope
  • Access to a broad network of innovative companies and start-up active in the offshore sector who can help you to develop an innovative product or service in 6 months

What do we ask?

  • Your technical challenge in Offshore Wind
  • Share your network
  • Invest some time
  • Possible new collaborations
  • A fee to participate at OWIC 2019 as a Business Partner is € 6.000.

Do you want to sign up, just let Erwin Coolen know.

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Offshore Wind Innovators is a community for companies pioneering the Offshore Wind Industry.
It’s our goal to give insight into the business- and innovation ecosystem of the industry and it offers practical solutions to the business challenges that pioneering companies face. We help to introduce SME’s to a strong innovation network and develop products to help fund and market new products and ideas.

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