Open call PPP subsidy: Offshore Floating Solar

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Do you have an innovative idea that can accelerate the development of offshore solar energy? Does the innovation tackle challenges such as cost reduction, technical life time in offshore conditions or system integration? And do you need financial support? Then this open call is for you. 

TKI Wind op Zee organises in collaboration with TKI Urban Energy an open innovation call from its PPP Program Allowance budget. The topic: Offshore Floating Solar. The development of offshore floating solar has the potential to contribute to our offshore power production on a large scale, and has started to take off over the past few years. This new technology could possibly be integrated in existing and future wind farms. However, this innovation is not without its challenges.  

Following our Mission Oriented Innovation Program (MMIP1) and the Solar on Water Roadmap of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, large scale application of solar energy on the North Sea could be possible in 10 to 20 years. However, there are concerns regarding costs, the challenges of the harsh maritime environment in the Dutch North Sea, and the impact on ecology. 

For this reason, we want to support organisations in exploring innovations and research in floating solar by subsidising part of your project. More specifically, projects aimed at the lifetime of the systems and the development of the cost of large-scale electricity generation based on offshore solar energy. The relevant topics are:  

  • Cost reduction (systems, anchoring, transport, installation, maintenance); 
  • Technical life in offshore conditions – and extension thereof. 
  • System integration of solar-at-sea systems. 

For this open call, the following key dates apply:  

  • Call opens: 20th of October 2021 
  • Call closes: 15th of December 2021 
  • Timeline for the project: from the 31st of January 2022 until the 1st of March 2023 

What do we offer? 

  • Total available subsidy budget of €300.000. 
  • A maximum subsidy of €100.000 per project:  
  • Max. of 80% of PPP Program Allowance to be used in fundamental research and non-economic activities. 
  • Max. of 50% of PPP Program Allowance to be used in industrial research. 
  • Max. of 25% of PPP Program Allowance to be used in experimental research. 
  • Do you need support in finding the right partner for your project? Contact us at @email. 

What type of projects we are looking for? 

  • The research topic fits within the TKI Wind op Zee program, contributes to the Dutch knowledge economy, to the Dutch knowledge position, and the proposed project is of sufficient quality; 
  • The coordinator/ main applicant of the project is located in the Netherlands; 
  • The consortium consists of at least one company and at least one knowledge institute. In case you are a company with a relevant research topic but still in need of the right knowledge institute to partner up with, send us an e-mail at @email. We are happy to help you find a suitable partner;
  • The consortium ensures that effective collaboration takes places, meaning that a research idea is formulated in collaboration and that its realisation involves joint costs and in-kind contributions from all consortium partners; 
  • The participants jointly determine the scope and execution of the project and share the risks and results; 
  • The project covers fundamental research, industrial research or experimental development, or a combination thereof;
  • The project proposals should be distinctive from technologies already on the market or from innovation programmes already being executed; 
  • The project needs to comply with the PPP allowance for R&D

Interested? Here is how to apply:  

  • Step 1: Send us an e-mail at @email explaining in one short paragraph who you are and what your project plan is.  The TKI Wind op Zee may contact you for further clarification;
  • Step 2: We send you the templates for completing the application. A full application exists of:  
    • A project proposal 
    • A separate project budget 
    • A collaboration agreement 
  • Step 3: Send all the documents to @email no later then 15 December 2021
  • Step 4: Our external review committee will evaluate your proposal. The proposals will be ranked and the winners will be selected. We will get back at you with a decision before the 31st of January 2022. 

We look forward to receiving your proposals.