Oceans of Energy will build 1 MW offshore solar off the coast of Scheveningen

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Today Oceans of Energy and partners & observers announce the upscaling of the world's first offshore solar farm system 20 times and expand it to 1 MW (MegaWatt). In the coming years, the company plans to further scale up this system to 10 MW and then 100 MW. 100 MW is equivalent to an energy supply for 30,000 households. The expansion of the offshore solar system to 1 MW is supported by a public contribution from the Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+) arrangement, provided by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

“With the scaling up to 1MW we, together with our partners & observers, are taking another huge step towards a future in which the Netherlands can meet its full energy needs from renewable energy from its own sea and land. With only 5% of the Dutch North Sea, we can generate half of the entire Dutch energy requirement with offshore solar,” says Allard van Hoeken, founder and CEO of Oceans of Energy.

He continues: “I am extremely proud of the Oceans of Energy team, of our partners & observers, the Dutch government and all parties that contribute to add this new and potentially largest form of clean energy generation to the energy mix in the Netherlands and worldwide. After all, half of the world's population lives in coastal regions.”

Oceans of Energy is a Dutch company that specializes in offshore solar energy and the associated anchoring technology and environmental impact research. The company is the market leader in this, founded in 2016 and has since grown to twenty-five employees. The company has so far raised €15 million to scale up production and projects. Projects are amongst others supported by RVO, MIT-Zuid-Holland, REACT EU, INTERREG, and Horizon-2020 programs.

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Find more information about the Demonstratie Energie- en Klimaatinnovatie 2021 (DEI+) on the website of RVO.