Negative impact on your PPP Allowance project due to Covid-19? Together we stand strong!

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All Dutch companies, organizations and knowledge institutions are affected by the current crisis. The implementation and financing projects that include PPP Allowance may face delay due to the measures taken in the light of Covid-19. The TKIs Biobased Economy, Energie en Industrie, Nieuw Gas, Urban Energy and Wind op Zee would like to help you find solutions. There are options for those who experience bottlenecks.

The TKIs want to assist the consortia as much as possible to keep the PPP projects on track and, where possible, continue within the subsidy period. In case this is not possible, an extension of the allowance period up to six months can be requested. If you foresee that your PPP project will be delayed, please inform the concerning TKI as soon as possible. The sooner we are aware of a possible delay, the better we can support you. In the case of a delay you will have to submit a request for an extension of the application period. The TKI will forward this request to

Are there financial problems with partners in your project? In that case we can also help you think about possible solutions.

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