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The pre-proposal for the new Mission-Driven Research, Development and Innovation (MOOI) scheme has been closed. Until 18 May, cooperating parties were able to submit a first outline of innovative solutions to achieve the climate goals. RVO received more than 125 pre-proposals for projects.

The MOOI scheme stimulates innovative solutions to reduce CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. The emphasis is on cooperation and an integrated approach. In this way, innovations have a greater chance of success. Parties within an ‘innovation chain’ are developing a joint project of considerable size. They focus on a specific theme. This may concern "Offshore wind", "Renewable energy on land", the "Built environment" or "Industry".

Pre-application per theme

Pre-registration is required for support from the MOOI scheme and parties had until 18 May to do so. It turned out that there was a lot of enthusiasm for it. Within the theme "Offshore Wind" with a budget of € 10.1 million, 9 preliminary applications were received. "Renewable energy on land" (€ 10.9 million) had 13. "Industry" (€ 17 million) received 36 pre-proposals and "Built environment" (€ 27 million) no less than 71.

Process and planning

The pre-proposals are now submitted to the MOOI advisory committee. The committee will draw up its advice and RVO will provide feedback to the applicants in the coming month. This allows them to strengthen their proposal. The deadline for submitting the final proposals is October 6, 2020. The MOOI advisory committee then gives new advice on the basis of which the subsidy funds are ultimately distributed.

New applications

Due to the mandatory pre-registration, it is no longer possible to submit new registrations. Parties may, however, join existing collaborations. They can report to the Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKIs) of the Topsector Energy or to RVO.

More information

More information can be found at (in Dutch).