Many societal problems in the offshore windsector can be tackled by combination of stimulating government policy and social responsible innovation

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TKI Wind op Zee

This is one of the conclusions of the  report ‘Maatschappelijke vraagstukken Wind op Zee: Analyse vanuit perspectief markttransformatie’ (in Dutch), an analysis from the perspective of market-transformation of the problems and possible solutions in the field of Social responsible Innovation in the offshore wind sector

The report was drawn up by New Foresight and commissioned by RVO, TKI Wind op Zee and the MVI-E  (Social Responsible Innovation) Programme of Topsector Energy.

The report examines the following societal problems in the offshore wind sector:

  • Spatial claims from different users of the sea
  • Circularity of wind turbines
  • Ecological impact of wind farm
  • CO2 emissions by vessels in wind farms
  • Origins of materials and emissions during production of equipment

For each theme the following questions are analysed:

  • which stakeholders are involved, including their behaviour and motivation?
  • what initiatives are already taking place to tackle societal problems?
  • what is the technical complexity of problems, and what are the impediments?
  • In what transition phase are the solutions for the societal problems?
  • What can TKI Wind op Zee do to contribute to the transitions?

The study is based on analysis of recent reports on this subject and interviews with stakeholders and experts in the offshore wind sector and NGO’s.

For the themes mentioned above the report shows some interesting recommendations:

The government should develop a comprehensive vision on co-use at sea, especially for ecology and fishery. The TKI Wind op Zee could play a role in the development of innovative fitting of co-use in wind farms;

The TKI could support further innovations in circularity. The government could introduce stimuli for circular solutions. Recycling could offer chances for the Dutch economy.

The TKI could facilitate knowledge and support pilots for nature enhancement. The government should present a policy vision on ‘’a healthy Northsea’’ and the implementation of the road towards that goal, together with all stakeholders.  

TKI Wind  op Zee could cooperate with TKI Maritime in order to stimulate innovation programmes for CO2 free vessels. The government should introduce stimuli for CO2 free vessels within offshore wind farms.

The TKI could play a role in stimulating research into alternative materials which are relevant for the energy transition as a whole.